Popular New Year’s resolutions and how to keep them

  • Sol Rivero

As the year comes to a closure, people begin to set up goals for the next one, and some of them are popular New Year’s resolutions which almost nobody keeps. To help you out, we tell you all about 5 common pledges and give you some tips on how to keep them and make the best out of the New Year!


Popular New Year’s resolution #5: Save more money

After expending so much during the Holidays, a common objective for the New Year is to be less of a spender and save more. But with the January sales and a little over-indulging, we might forget about it and end up saving less or not at all.

How to keep it

  • Define monthly limits for your expenses in different areas
  • Define an amount you want to save by the end of each month, if you don’t fulfill it, then work extra harder the next one
  • Opt for smaller stores, since they usually have the same products at a lower cost
  • Change your shopping habits and organize yourself


Popular New Year’s resolution #4: Quit smoking or drinking

Everyone with an addiction has been faced with the difficult task of finally quitting it to start a New Year. However, not doing it in the right way might be detrimental for your body, and you might feel disappointed, anxious or extremely frustrated for your lack of progress.

How to keep it

  • Seek for professional help
  • Face the challenge with a fellow addict so you can support each other
  • Look for alternatives to calm your anxiety (chewing gum, exercising, playing an instrument, etc.)


Popular New Year’s resolution #3: Learning something new

Having the desire of speaking another language, taking piano lessons or enrolling on a Yoga class is very common during the beginning New Year, but routine soon might catch up to you and force you to forget about it.

How to keep it

  • Investigate places and options as soon as the year begins so you can use that motivation right away
  • Consider online classes or prerecorded courses, and set up a schedule
  • Consider CD’s you can put on the car while you’re driving towards work or school in the morning
  • Invite a friend to take the course with you, it’ll be more fun and keep you motivated


Popular New Year’s resolution #2: Traveling

Most of us have the itch of going places and visiting new cities and countries, but many never do, since a fluctuating economy or too much work can keep us from fulfilling it, and this becomes a recycled resolution for the next New Year.

How to keep it

  • Set realistic goals for yourself: can you take a trip to Hawaii, or a local beach will have to do?
  • Save monthly for the trip
  • Take the trip during the least busy seasons. It might be a little more expensive, but it will be easy to move around and get great deals


Popular New Year’s resolution #1: Losing weight

The problem with this resolution is that no one defines how they’d like to lose weight, and they hardly remember that it will take some effort to do so.

How to keep it

  • Define a method from the start: exercise? Diet? Both? This will help you determine your course of action
  • Go to a professional: a nutritionist or a trainer might give you some tips and get you in the right path
  • Take the first steps as soon as the year begins, for the more you delay it the less it’s likely to be fulfilled


Ready to face the New Year?


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