5 ways of beating the post-Holiday blues

  • Sol Rivero

Christmas is over, the New Year has arrived, and although we’re basking in the exhilaration of the season, soon the post-Holiday blues will begin affecting some of us. Today, we check out 5 ways of beating the post-Holiday depression with a positive and healthy approach.


Way of beating the post-Holiday blues #5: Rearrange your home and workplace

A great way of starting a New Year is by rearranging the places where you spend most of your time. Get new decorations, change the place of your furniture, try adding plants, get rid of the things that you don’t need… transforming your environment will help you change alter your attitude towards it. It will also keep you busy for a while, distracting you from any unpleasant thoughts and giving you something to do.



Way of beating the post-Holiday blues #4: Adopt an animal

If you’re feeling lonely and need something to focus on, adopting an animal from a local shelter might be a great solution for your problems. Animals, particularly young ones, require a lot of attention and repay it with unconditional love and company, which is why many hospices allow regular visits of dogs and cats to their establishments, since they improve the patients’ health and mood. Give it a try!



Way of beating the post-Holiday blues #3: Keep in touch

The Holidays are a time for socializing, especially with people who you don’t get to see that much throughout the year. Change that fact by making plans with your best friends, writing to your pals regularly, calling your closest relatives every once in a while, or even going out to meet new people. Mingling with others will give you the company and entertainment you need to beat the post-Holiday blues, and scheduling dates with your friends will act as a source of motivation to get through a busy week.



Way of beating the post-Holiday blues #2: Focus on self-improvement

After being surrounded by so many people, the time after the Holidays is perfect for chilling and concentrating on yourself. Whether you want to get fit, you have some medical concerns to attend, or want to improve your skills, now is the moment to do it. Self-improvement will help you get healthier and have a positive attitude towards yourself. Set up weekly or monthly goals and try your best to fulfill them. You’ll feel great about it by the end of the year!



Way of beating the post-Holiday blues #1: Develop a hobby

Love photography, writing or reading? Have you been secretly wanting to try a new activity like Yoga, a Book Club or Skiing? Now is the perfect time to do it! Developing a hobby, especially one that requires interaction with others, will keep you busy, help you develop mental and/or physical skills, and drive you to meet new friends. It’s the perfect activity for beating the post-Holiday depression, and it will give you new goals to look forward to!



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