Winter fashion for warm weather

  • Sol Rivero

Does the place where you live have warm weather during the winter season? You don’t have to be in a place with snow to enjoy winter fashion! These essential pieces will look perfect during the current season without smothering you with heat or looking too out of place.


Tip for wearing winter fashion in warm weather #5: Dark colors

For an instantly wintery look, try a deeper palette than the regular pastels and bright colors of spring and summer. Shades such as navy blue, burgundy, purple or dark green are perfect for creating a gorgeous winter outfit without suffering due to the heat.



Tip for wearing winter fashion in warm weather #4: Light layers

Even if you’re living in a place with warm weather, you can still add some layers to your outfit without being smothered by the temperature. Just opt for light layers, such as a thin sweater, a blazer, or a vest combined with a sweater-dress. It’s the perfect way of creating a winter look without seeming too extravagant!



Tip for wearing winter fashion in warm weather #3: Scarves, tights and fingerless gloves

Complements such as cute knee-high tights, fingerless gloves or chiffon scarves are perfect for covering up your skin during a warm winter without being too stifling, while also looking very chic. Use them with a short dress or a cropped top with some shorts.



Tip for wearing winter fashion in warm weather #2: Boots

Boots are perfect for making any outfit seem wintery. Black riding boots or even knee-high boots can be paired with a cute dress and instantly turn it into the perfect look for the season. You can also add some leggings or tights to complete the ensemble.



Tip for wearing winter fashion in warm weather #1: Large accessories

While cute pendants and light bracelets are a staple for summer, when we’re perspiring profusely, large jewelry is perfect for the winter season, especially metallic cuff bracelets or chunky necklaces. Add a wintery look to any outfit with some beautiful voluminous accessories.



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