January’s birthstone: the Garnet

  • Sol Rivero

As January begins, we take a look at the month’s official birthstone: the Garnet! The name of this beautiful gem derives from the Latin word granatum, meaning pomegranate, given its resemblance to the fruit. It can be found in regions of the United States, India, Africa, Uruguay, Brazil, Australia and Spain.

If one of your loved ones is celebrating their birthday during January, an item with a garnet might be a great present!



January’s birthstone: what does the Garnet symbolize?

January’s garnet is commonly associated with trust, loyalty and eternal friendship. The poem of the garnet even states that this gemstone will ensure her constancy, true friendship and fidelity, making it a great gift for a close friend.

The garnet is also used to produce commitment, enhance sensuality and increase awareness in the wearer, and it’s believed to symbolize long-lasting affections and a pure heart.   

Garnets were also used for treating medical conditions, such as infections of the blood, heart, lungs; inflammatory diseases and fever; and people considered it a protective shield against poisons, depression and nightmares.  


What is the official Garnet color for January?

Although the garnet is usually associated with a reddish gem, these precious stones can also be found in a very wide variety of colors, including green, orange, yellow, purple, black, brown and many other shades.

However, Victorian jewelers preferred the red shades given the popular association of the garnet with passion and fire.




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