Thinking about going out with your friends tonight? If you’re considering spending a night at the club, then these tips about what to carry in your purse are definitely for you! If your outfit is ready and you’re looking perfect for a night full of dancing and fun, make sure you remain glamorous the whole night by carrying a few essentials:



Item to carry in your purse for a night at the club #5: Fashion tape

If you’re wearing a strapless dress, having a bit of fashion tape with you might help you keep everything in order. If you feel like the cleavage of your outfit is moving around too much, just go to the washroom, clean the area from oil with a toilette, and add a couple of pieces of tape at the top.


Item to carry in your purse for a night at the club #4: Mints, deodorant and perfume

If you’re planning on spending the entire night out, it’s always good to make sure you look –and smell- your best after dancing by carrying a small pack of mints and a little bottle of deodorant or perfume. Withdraw to the bathroom a couple of times and check yourself out thoroughly and use these hygiene essentials if needed.


Item to carry in your purse for a night at the club #3: Lip balm, lipstick and other makeup essentials

Always take with you a few of the items you used to create your stunning night makeup: lip balm, lipstick, liquid eyeliner, mascara and blush, are perfect for retouching your makeup so you can look great the whole night through. Don’t carry all your makeup with you. Just these few essentials will help you look your best!


Item to carry in your purse for a night at the club #2: Moist toilettes or makeup remover wipes

Since you’ll probably be sweating a lot, carrying a small pack of wipes will allow you to keep your face oil-free after dancing too much, or correct any imperfections if your makeup drips or blurs. Make sure to pat your skin softly when you’re using them to avoid mistakenly removing the rest of your makeup.   


Item to carry in your purse for a night at the club #1: Hairspray and a small comb or brush

Dancing, jumping or simply moving around too much might make your hair look messy after a while. Carry a little brush or a comb to keep your hairdo looking perfect all night long, and find a small can of hairspray or combing cream with anti-frizz properties so you can style your hair while also fighting off the static that’s bound to appear after a night of movement.



Create the perfect night outfit with some of our chic suggestions: