Great gift ideas for January birthdays

  • Sol Rivero

January is a month of renewal, since it’s the start of a brand new year. If your girlfriend, mother or someone special is celebrating her birthday this month, then these great gift ideas will help you find something unique and thoughtful just for her!




Gift idea for January birthdays #5: A horse themed gift

If your special friend believes in astrology or simply enjoys oriental cultures, then she must know that, according to the Chinese Zodiac, 2014 is the Year of the Wooden Horse! Bring her good luck with a horse-themed gift, such as an ornament for her desk, or a cute notebook with a horse in the cover. If she prefers western astrology, then you can do the same considering her sign: if her birthday falls somewhere until January 19 or 20 she is considered a Capricorn, and until February 19 she is an Aquarius.



Gift idea for January birthdays #4: A winter fashion item

The winter season is still upon us, so you can never go wrong with a cute winter fashion item: a scarf, a cute lightweight sweater or a sweater dress are great fashion pieces that every girl can pull off during the cold season. Bold prints, floral patterns and even large logos are trendy for this winter, so if your girl is a fashion lover try to find something stylish just for her!



Gift idea for January birthdays #3: Books

Both Capricorns and Aquarian women love a good read. While a Capricorn woman will enjoy a simple yet fun and interesting book –think sci-fi, romantic or adventure novels-, an Aquarian will gravitate towards something more unique which appeals to their intellectual side –art books, technology books, biographies, etc. Winter is the perfect season for curling up with a good book, so this is always a great gift for someone with a January birthday.



Gift idea for January birthdays #2: Carnations

If your girl enjoys nature and simple details, a bouquet of carnations might be the right gift for her. Carnations are the official flowers of January, and their color bears different meanings: for example, a red carnation means a profound love, while a pink carnation tells the person receiving it that she’s unforgettable to the giver. Make her birthday special with a beautiful arrangement and make sure you include these fabulous flowers!



Gift idea for January birthdays #1: Deep red jewelry

If you don’t want to risk guessing someone’s dress size, or if your special someone loves a little bling, then jewelry is the perfect answer. The garnet is the official birthstone of January, but if you prefer something a little less conventional you can simply opt for deep red jewelry: a jewelry set with red stones, a red pendant or a cute macramé bracelet with an amulet, are great choices for a special gift!  



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