How to host a viewing party for the Awards Season

  • Sol Rivero

If you love movies and TV, or simply enjoy watching celebrities, then you’ll probably tune in to see them at the Golden Globes, SAG Awards and Oscars. If so, why not try hosting a viewing party with your friends? Make the Awards Season truly enjoyable with a few essentials!



Essentials for hosting a viewing party for the Awards Season #4: Drinks and food

As a good host, you should keep some snacks and drinks around for your guests. Think of neutral things which everyone likes, and if you’ll be drinking alcohol then try to add an array of salty snacks. Consider the number of people so you don’t end up having too much food, and try asking them to collaborate with something too –and make sure you define what that something is, if you don’t want to end up with a dozen bottles of soda!

Try to make it fun by looking around for cocktail recipes and healthy treats inspired by movies. There are a ton of those you can find online. It will give your viewing party a unique ambience!


Essentials for hosting a viewing party for the Awards Season #3: Dress code

The Awards Season means celebrities showing off their best gowns, so if your friends are fashion enthusiasts or enjoy dress-up, then perhaps you can turn your viewing party into a little fashion event of your own. Establish a theme -for example: old-Hollywood glamour, 70´s fashion, etc.- and make it a fun event everyone will remember.



Essentials for hosting a viewing party for the Awards Season #2: Voting ballots

Many websites release fake voting ballots for each Awards ceremony which you can print and pass on to your friends so they can fill it in with their predictions. It’s a fun way of showing how much they know about the movies, and it will help you compare your results with each other.

If you can’t find a design you like, then look around for the lists of nominees and make a voting ballot design of your own. This will be very effective if your viewing party has a theme.


Essentials for hosting a viewing party for the Awards Season #1: Games

Before the Red Carpet, take the time to entertain your friends with some movie trivia games. There are many available at the toy stores, and if you’re all enthusiastic moviegoers then you’ll probably enjoy it a lot. You can also find game ideas online, or try drinking or eating games during the ceremonies: for example, consuming something every time the host makes a bad pun, every time they say a word, etc. Just keep in mind that many of the Award Shows will happen during Sunday, meaning you’ll probably have to go back to work the next day –so perhaps lay off the alcohol!


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