4 fashion tips for wearing statement jewelry

  • Sol Rivero

Statement jewelry has been in vogue for the past few seasons, but wearing it on our daily chores can be an intimidating task. That’s why today we bring you 4 fashion tips which will help you prevent a fashion faux pas by looking stylish and beautiful.


Fashion tip for wearing statement jewelry #4: Complement jewelry with attitude

The most important part of wearing statement jewelry is to use it as an extension of your personality and confidence. Standing straight, walking assertively and looking as if you’re enjoying your outfit –and you should!- will make your jewelry look great, no matter how flashy or large it is.

Self-confidence is the key. Statement jewelry helps you make –you guessed it!- a bold fashion statement. It tells others what you like and what kind of person you are: fun, adventurous, sensual… Choose your pieces wisely and make your personality their perfect complement.


Fashion tip for wearing statement jewelry #3: Play with colors

Statement jewelry needs to pop out of the outfit. A great way of doing it is to wear a daring color that will stand out against your skin, hair color, or the shade of your dress. For example, a brunette woman with slightly tanned skin might benefit from using a necklace with red gemstones, while a blond woman with fair skin might look great with long green drop earrings.

Don’t be afraid of choosing accessories with bold and fun colors that will catch everyone’s eyes.


Fashion tip for wearing statement jewelry #2: Limit your statement pieces

It’s hard to resist pairing some gorgeous statement necklace with statement earrings and a statement bracelet. However, doing so will make you look 

exaggerated, and you’ll definitely make a fashion faux pas. Check out what you’re wearing and see what it needs the most: a simple blouse might look better with a large statement necklace, or a one shoulder dress could look exquisite with a beautiful statement cuff bracelet.

Limit your statement pieces to one per outfit, and don’t go overboard.


Fashion tip for wearing statement jewelry #1: Consider your outfit  

Wearing statement jewelry depends mainly on one thing: considering your outfit. However, not only your ensemble will tell you which statement pieces you’ll need to make it look unique and stylish, instead, it’s also important to consider your hairstyle, makeup, and even accessories such as your shoes or your purse.

It might seem nerve-wracking, but it’s actually very simple: a girly cocktail dress with a loose hairstyle might look great with fun yet feminine jewelry such as a colorful statement necklace, while a work suit with natural makeup and your hair tied back looks perfect with classic accessories such as a statement necklace with pearls or a metallic statement ring.


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