What to wear for work: winter fashion ideas

  • Sol Rivero

It’s still cold outside, and if you have to work at an office or store, these outfit ideas based on the winter fashion runways might inspire you! Check out our suggestions on what to wear for work, winter edition!


Winter outfit for work #4: Fun and simple

To fight off the winter chill with style, use a long-sleeved shirt or comfy sweater, and pair it with a midi skirt in a contrasting tone. Dark colors are a winter staple, but don’t be afraid of adding a little color with your accessories. Pastels and metallic tones are in for 2014, so add them with a gorgeous statement necklace, or a cute sparkly ring.



Winter outfit for work #3: Old-style glamour

Is it too cold outside for a skirt? Try baggy black pants, comfortable boots, and a gorgeous long-sleeved, fitted jacket in a contrasting tone to add some vintage glamour to your daily chores. Complete the look by pulling your hair back in a stylish updo, and try adding some chandelier earrings or a beautiful scarf for the finishing touch.


Winter outfit for work #2: Quirky knitwear

Does your workplace allow color? Then get inspired by the fall/winter fashion runways with a completely knit outfit of colorful jackets, shirts and skirts. Knee-high boots or thick stockings, and accessories in muted tones are the best complements for this crazy outfit, perfect for a chic and bold woman.


Winter outfit for work #1: Chic jumpsuit

You must know by now that jumpsuits are back! If you’re living in a place with warm weather this winter season, this might be the perfect outfit to give a little new spin to the old boring dress-suit. Look for a jumpsuit in muted tones and avoid those with denim –unless it’s for a casual Friday! Complement it with colorful earrings, a beautiful cuff bracelet and a cute hairstyle!


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