Best colors for fair skin

  • Sol Rivero

Wondering how to make your features stand out against fair skin? Don’t worry! Today we take a look at the best colors for your skin tone, so you can look gorgeous no matter the occasion. People with fair skin might struggle since the colors might stand out too much against your paleness, but this quick guide will definitely help you out.


Best colors for fair skin and cool skin tones

People with pale skin and pink or blue undertones should definitely stick to vibrant hues of cool colors: blue, pink, purple, white, gray, and similar tones will look great on you, but beware of washed out or dusky hues, since they’ll make you look even paler. In case you want to wear cute clothes with these tones, then make sure you complement them with vibrant accessories in dark shades.

Avoid reds and pinks if you’re a redhead, unless it’s a shade notably darker than your hair. If you have black or brown hair, complement it with silver jewelry, and if your hair is lighter, then opt for colorful accessories with pink, blue or purple tones.

The best combinations:



Best colors for fair skin and warm skin tone

People with warm skin tones have golden or yellow undertones which are best complemented with earthy tones: brown, orange, red, yellow and green, are amongst the hues which will stand out against your fair skin. Both powdery tones and deep colors will look great on you, since the golden tones of your skin will create a light of its own to complement them.

Golden jewelry is perfect for redheads and dark-haired persons, while those with pale hair will benefit from accessories in bronze or dark shades.

The best combinations:



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