February’s birthstone: the Amethyst

  • Sol Rivero

February is here, and it’s time to take a close look to the new month’s birthstone: the gorgeous amethyst. This beautiful stone can be found in regions of Brazil, Uruguay, Zambia, Arizona and North Carolina, and its name derives from the Greek word amethystos, which means not drunk or sober, due to of one the stone’s most popular properties.

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February’s birthstone: what does the Amethyst represent?

February’s Amethyst is a unique gemstone which contains quartz, one of the most common minerals. The Amethyst’s color ranges from mauve to purple, and if heated, it can also turn brown, red, green, or even turn into citrine. However, the most popular hue of Amethyst is purple, since this shade is commonly related to royalty, for there was a time when purple dyes were pricy and scarce, and could only be worn by the richest. The Egyptians, Greeks and British royals favored jewels with amethysts, since they were a symbol of status and power.

The Greeks also related the Amethyst with sobriety. According to a myth, Dionysus sent his tigers to attack a human as a way of taking revenge upon the goddess Artemis, who had enraged him. The maiden Amethyst was thus attacked as she approached the shrine of Artemis, and she called out for her help. The goddess then turned her into a stone, and Dionysus repented, pouring wine over the gem and making it turn purple. From then on, the stone was placed on cups and goblets, to fight the intoxication caused by the liquor.


What is the Amethyst used for?

The Victorians believed the Amethyst could help their wearers with their addictions by relieving the symptoms derived from withdrawal, as well as giving them peace of mind and sharpening their intellectual skills. According to the Birthstone Poem:

The February born shall find
sincerity and peace of mind,
freedom from passion and from care,
if they, the amethyst will wear”.


The Amethyst is specifically related to those born between January 21 and February 19, in other words, those born under the Aquarius zodiac sign.



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