Valentine’s Day 2014 – Gift Guide: presents for Him

  • Sol Rivero

Ladies! Struggling to find the perfect present for your boyfriend or male best friend? We’ve compiled 10 great suggestions in today’s gift guide to make him feel special this Valentine’s Day!


Gift idea for Valentine’s Day #10: A desk ornament

If you’re picking a gift for a working man, then perhaps you should consider something that he can place on his office desk to either embellish it or improving his mood: an elegant Newton’s cradle, an original desktop organizer or a fun paperweight, are great choices for lightening up his environment when he’s at work.


Gift idea for Valentine’s Day #9: Engraved cufflinks or a fun tie

Guys are not prone to personalize their outfits, but a great way of doing it can be through either a beautiful tie or a set of cufflinks. For this Valentine’s Day, help out your male friend look elegant anywhere he goes with a pair of cufflinks engraved with his initials, or a tie with a unique and fun pattern that sets him apart.


Gift idea for Valentine’s Day #8: A fun mug

Want a simple, useful and fun gift? Opt for a lovely mug with an inspiring phrase or an amusing image according to his kind of humor. It’s a great present which he can carry to his work or enjoy in the comfort of his own home. You can even look for a service which allows you to personalize the mug, so you can make it even more unique.


Gift idea for Valentine’s Day #7: An elegant sweater

Is there a better way to help your man feel cozy and warm during the winter chill? Look for a sweater with a fun print or an elegant color that suits him, and make it his present for this year’s Valentine’s Day. It’s a timeless classic which works for all the seasons, and he’ll definitely appreciate it.  


Gift idea for Valentine’s Day #6: A watch

Time to think of men’s favorite accessories: watches. These jewelry pieces are an elegant complement for any outfit, so if you’re trying to impress your guy, find a unique watch that reflects his personality and goes well with his skin tone. Some places will even let you engrave his name or a special date on the back, so look around and give him something unique.


Gift idea for Valentine’s Day #5: A massage

Yes, men enjoy massages too! If your special friend is dealing with a lot of stress lately, then perhaps you should consider pampering him with a home-spa kit, or treating him with a trip to a local masseur or masseuse. A great massage and a day off, without any worries, is exactly what he needs to regain his strength and get back to his routine feeling extra healthy.


Gift idea for Valentine’s Day #4: A cocktail making kit

Is your guy sociable, or a popular host amongst his friends? A great way of indulging him this Valentine’s Day is by getting him a cocktail making kit that will allow him to create all kinds of drinks for his friends when they’re around. It’s a fun and easy way of showing him you care about him and his buddies.


Gift idea for Valentine’s Day #3: A new fragrance

Help your male friend find a great new scent for the upcoming season! If your guy loves to look and smell good, then what’s best than a new spicy fragrance with floral undertones as his Valentine’s Day gift. Pick a strong and attractive aroma similar to his current favorite, and make him feel extra special and elegant.  


Gift idea for Valentine’s Day #2: Game or concert tickets

If your man is into sports or music, a set of tickets for an upcoming game or a concert from his favorite band are always certified to make him happy, and if you both share the same interest then it’s an activity you can share. If tickets to a concert are way out of your range, then a DVD with a recorded performance can also work just fine.


Gift idea for Valentine’s Day #1: A big box of snacks

The old ladies know it: the best way into a man’s heart is through his stomach. A great gift for this Valentine’s Day is a big basket or box with his favorite goodies: chocolates, truffles, licorice, candies, treats…it’s the best way to keep his heart –and stomach- happy during the day of love and friendship.


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