10 foods that give you energy

  • Sol Rivero

Are your daily chores taking a toll on your vigor? Add to your diet these 10 foods that give you energy, and get your body the boost it needs to resist your daily activities!


Food that gives you energy #10: Beans

Need to give your body an energy boost? Well, consider having a meal with beans. These ingredients contain proteins and carbohydrates, as well as iron, vitamin B, amino acids and fiber, making them a lasting energy source for your body. Add them to a salad or cook them in a soup, and enjoy its benefits.   



Food that gives you energy #9: Bananas

These delicious fruits contain fiber, potassium and sugars such as fructose and glucose, which turn immediately into energy. Add some sliced bananas to a fruit salad for a breakfast or mid-morning snack, and give your body a healthy energy source.   



Food that gives you energy #8: Spices

Spicy herbs such as peppers contain a healthy dose of vitamin C, vitamin B6 and fiber, and they’re great for giving your metabolism a boost, helping you digest your food better, stay warm, and have more energy throughout the day.



Food that gives you energy #7: Leafy greens

Want to defeat fatigue in a healthy way? A great set of foods which will give you energy are leafy greens such as spinach, kale, broccoli or cabbage. These vegetables contain a good amount of vitamins, minerals and iron, which will give you enough energy to carry on with your daily chores. Create a healthy salad and remember to avoid fat-saturated dressings.



Food that gives you energy #6: Honey

Need more energy for a long workout session? Have a spoonful of honey before and after exercising: before, it will fuel your muscles; afterwards, it will help them relax and repair. Honey is a great natural sweetener, so you can add it to a fruit salad or have it with your favorite morning drink for breakfast or a snack.


Food that gives you energy #5: Tea

While many prefer coffee as an obvious source of energizing caffeine, the truth is it the effects can wear off fast if you drink too much of it, as well as having some bad side effects for your body. For a healthier choice, opt for green or black tea. This energizing drink will provide you with caffeine and L-theanine, which give your body the boost it needs while keeping it detoxed.  



Food that gives you energy #4: Apples

We’ve said it before: apples have great health benefits that make them a favorite amongst health and fitness lovers. Apples contain nutrients, minerals and vitamin C, but also they have fructose, which gives you instant energy, and fiber, which makes them a prolonged energy source since they take longer to digest. Add them to your breakfast and your snacks.



Food that gives you energy #3: Nuts

Raw nuts are a great energy boosting snack you can carry anywhere. Nuts like walnuts and almonds contain vitamin E, vitamin B, magnesium, potassium, protein and fiber, making it one of the healthiest foods, since they’re packed with long-lasting energizing ingredients which improve your endurance and your vitality.   



Food that gives you energy #2: Dark chocolate

Add some sweetness to your breakfast by having some dark chocolate. Don’t worry about carbs! Chocolate contains amounts of caffeine, theobromine, sugar, flavanols and antioxidants, which help lowering the stress levels of your body, increase blood flow to the brain and, the darker the chocolate, the more it will boost up your energy levels.  



Food that gives you energy #1: Whole grains

Foods from the whole grains family are great for giving you energy, since they’re loaded with carbohydrates which your body uses as fuel. Oatmeal, brown rice and whole-wheat bread are great for giving you energy, and since they contain complex carbs that take longer to digest, their effect will last throughout the day. Make sure you eat them for breakfast or before a long workout, but avoid them at night or when you won’t be doing physical activities.



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