Bridesmaid dress colors that look good on everyone

  • Sol Rivero

Looking for the perfect dress colors so your bridesmaids look great? Today we tell you all about the hues that look good on everyone, no matter their skin tone or hair color. Choose a shade that complements your dress and make your friends happy by flattering any skin color!


Warm colors that look good on everyone

Want to give a healthy glow to your bridesmaids’ cheeks? True Red and Mellow Rose are flattering hues that make the pinkish tones of your bridesmaid’s skin pop out. Since red can be an overwhelming shade for a bridesmaid dress, you can opt for using the sweeter Mellow Rose with red accessories, since this hue is perfect for giving your bridesmaids a natural, laidback look.

Warm tones are especially suitable for spring or summer weddings, or simply diurnal ceremonies. However, don’t opt for yellow, golden, orange shades or neon hues, since these shades will look too flashy in pale and dark skin tones, and certainly won’t suit redheads.

Best combinations:



Cool colors that look good on everyone

Shades of blue and purple look good in almost every skin tone. Indian teal, Eggplant, Navy, Periwinkle and Plum are the best hues for a wedding with cool colors. For something versatile opt for dark tones such as Navy, while you can employ Plum or Eggplant for giving your bridesmaids a very royal appearance.

Cool shades are a favorite for winter weddings, and the darker shades are great for nighttime celebrations. Avoid washed out colors, since they’ll fade out against dark skin stones, and opt for more vibrant shades.   

Best combinations:



Neutral colors that look good on everyone

Gray, Black, Soft White and Stone are neutral shades that will look good on everyone no matter the season or time of the day in which the ceremony takes place. They can also be combined with other warm or cool hues to create a unique outfit, giving you and your bridesmaids the chance to experiment.

Best combinations:



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