10 things to do on Valentine’s Day if you’re single

  • Sol Rivero

Single on Valentine’s Day? No need to spend it feeling bitter about all the tacky heart-shaped decorations and annoying couples! Today we suggest 10 things to do if you’re spending the day on your own.


Thing to do on Valentine’s Day #10: Pay a visit to your family

You hear a lot about true love around Valentine’s Day, but is there a truer love than that of your family? This Valentine’s Day, take the time to pay a visit to those who are closest to you: mom, dad, brother, sister…whether it’s your birth family, or the one you’ve chosen throughout the years, make this day a celebration of pure and sincere love!  



Thing to do on Valentine’s Day #9: Exercise

Feeling a little moody? Then get ready and spend Valentine’s Day hitting the gym or going out for a jog, a walk at the park, or any of your favorite physical activities. Exercise releases endorphins which will not only make you feel instantly better, but help you look and feel healthier and happier about yourself.



Thing to do on Valentine’s Day #8: Give your house a makeover

Not everyone wants to be part of a couple, but most of us like to have a little order around us. If you’re spending time on your own this Valentine’s Day, take the opportunity to modify the bits and pieces of your home you’re not completely happy with. Look for some DIY projects on YouTube, surf through the websites for new decorations, or simply reorganize your closet to make you feel better about your environment.



Thing to do on Valentine’s Day #7: Invest time in a hobby

Is there an activity you love which you’ve been neglecting for the past few weeks? What better way to spend some time on your own than by doing exactly what you enjoy: read a book, watch a movie you’ve been dying to see, hear the new singles of your favorite artists, catch up on your favorite TV shows, paint, write…invest time in your hobbies and enjoy a stress-free Valentine’s Day.



Thing to do on Valentine’s Day #6: Go on a shopping trip

Something that should definitely make you feel better about being single on Valentine’s Day, is to think on all the money people will be spending in their significant others. Why not spend that same amount on yourself, by going on a shopping spree of clothes, accessories, decorations, books...? Give a little love to yourself by indulging in some of your whims or needs!



Thing to do on Valentine’s Day #5: Host a party

Instead of staying all alone, secluded in your bedroom during Valentine’s Day, fill your house with music and laughter by hosting a party for your closest –preferably single- best friends! A little night of games, snacks, drinks and good company are the perfect remedy for the Valentine’s Day’s blues!



Thing to do on Valentine’s Day #4: Give yourself a treat

If you need to clear your mind and give your body some rest, then take the opportunity to visit a spa, a massage parlor or a beauty salon and invest some money and time on your appearance and health this Valentine’s Day. It’s the perfect occasion to pamper yourself, chill out, and just leave all the holiday stress to others!



Thing to do on Valentine’s Day #3: Volunteer

Think goodwill is only reserved for December? Those who have less than you also need and deserve some love, so if you don’t want to be alone and wish to make yourself useful this Valentine’s Day, make sure you help as a volunteer in a local shelter for humans or animals. It’s an inexpensive and selfless activity in which you just have to invest time and kindness, so make sure you give it a try.



Thing to do on Valentine’s Day #2: Go out with your single friends

You don’t have to stay indoors to avoid all the lovey-dovey couples out there! Pubs, bars, clubs and other places for socializing will be couples-free during Valentine’s Day, since most lovers will be at restaurants, movie theaters or at their homes. Gather up your single friends, dress up in your best garments, and enjoy a night of music and fun!



Thing to do on Valentine’s Day #1: Have a horror-movie marathon

What’s better than a night of gore, guts and horrifying creatures filling your screen for ignoring completely all the love-advertising out there? Invite your friends for a movie marathon full of horror –but make sure you avoid romantic horror comedies! Opt for classic slasher films such as Halloween or A Nightmare on Elm Street, and celebrate Singles Awareness Day with a little rebellious fun!



Read more tips and enjoy this year’s Valentine’s Day!


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