Valentine’s Day Outfit and Beauty Ideas for 2014

  • Sol Rivero

It’s almost here! Valentine’s Day is this Friday, and we’ve got you covered with outfit and beauty ideas so you can look absolutely beautiful during your date with your partner, or a day out with your best friends. Check them out and get the inspiration you need according to your personality and the trends of the season!


Valentine’s Day outfit and beauty idea #5: Seasonal

We’re still in the midst of the winter season, and nothing says cold and snow like plaid fabric. This textile was amongst the favorites of the fashion designers, and it appeared in all shapes and sizes: from full-plaid suits to cute and whimsical dresses. For Valentine’s Day, go for a little, comfy plaid dress, and combine it with a big jacket or a dark blazer.  

For a sensual and daring look, opt for dark eye-shadow and pale lips in coral or mauve. Complement the style with an edgy, messy hairstyle, wearing a faux fringe by parting your hair to the side and holding it with a pin. Finish the outfit with a metallic pendant to balance everything out.


Valentine’s Day outfit and beauty idea #4: Girly

If you love a charming and extra-feminine outfit, we recommend incorporating the floral trend to your look. From colorful floral prints, to dresses with lace or embroidery in floral patterns, this trend from the Fall/Winter 2013-2014 runways is a great way of adding a cute and chic touch to your Valentine’s Day look.

For your hairstyle and makeup, opt for a 60’s look with long eye-lashes, a side braid, and a very natural, clean look. Don’t worry about adding too much makeup, since your colorful outfit will supplement the touch of vitality you’ll need. Give your look the finishing touch with a cute metallic necklace with a filigree or a lovely pendant.


Valentine’s Day outfit and beauty idea #3: Elegant

Think metallic dresses are only for December’s holidays? Well, you couldn’t be more wrong! The metallic trend with gorgeous dresses with golden or silver sequins are still popular for 2014’s winter looks. If you’re going out on a romantic night date, or if you’ll be hitting the club with your buddies, then stand out by adding it to your Valentine’s Day outfit.

For this suggestion, we’re opting for a classic beauty look. Wear a gorgeous old-Hollywood updo, by braiding your hair at the back and holding it up. Give it a little swirl at the front for a more glamorous style. Then, wear some statement lipstick in a dashing red shade, and balance it with a bronze or golden eye-shadow. Add a chain statement necklace for the finishing touch.


Valentine’s Day outfit and beauty idea #2: Bold

If your date is more of the adventurous kind, or if you’re simply hanging out with your friends to celebrate, then you can look extra-chic and unique by wearing the grunge or punk trend for Valentine’s Day. All you’ll need is a little faux leather, plaid or flannel shirts, ankle boots… and of course: a lot of attitude!  

To complement the look and adding a touch of sophistication, tie your hair back in a messy or textured ponytail. Then, add some eyeliner under your eye instead of on your eyelid, to give it an edgy look. Complete the outfit with some accessories with leather and crystals, and you’re done.


Valentine’s Day outfit and beauty idea #1: Romantic

One of the strongest trends of the Fall/Winter 2013-2014 runways was the introduction of negligée and pajama-inspired outfits as alternatives for the cold season. These slip dresses of silky fabric and a vintage, noir look, are perfect for a private romantic dinner at home, and they can be taken outside with the proper winter coat.

To complete this look, we want to give you a fierce and sensual style to make a statement. Begin by giving your hair some movement, either by curling it, or waving it to the sides so it can frame your face. Then, opt for full, dark lips, and wrap it up with a glamorous layered necklace with pearls and chains. You’ll look stunning!


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