6 stress relieving activities to try

  • Sol Rivero

Urban life, with its hectic schedule and fast-paced lifestyle, often leaves us feeling grumpy, tired and anxious, in other words: stressed. Today, we suggest 6 stress relieving activities to try at your home, workplace or whenever you can catch a break.

Since stress can affect not only your mind, but also your body, collaborating with the development of diseases, it’s very important not to overlook it, and to find a healthy way of dealing with it.


Stress relieving activity #6: Avoiding technology

Our cellphones, tablets, laptops and almost any kind of technologic device, keep us connected 24/7 to everyone and everything: from the happenings of our workplace to the latest worldwide news. This constant flow of information can make us feel extremely anxious, which is why it’s always recommended to take a break from technology every once in a while.

Turn off your phone and push your electronics away, and get involved in a labor which needs physicality but no technology: gardening, cooking, playing with animals, swimming…Pick an activity that suits you and dedicate an hour a day, or a full day every week, to develop it. Consider outdoor activities which involve being in contact with nature.



Stress relieving activity #5: Pampering yourself

A great way of forgetting about your problems for a while is to do something for yourself, whether it’s going to a beauty parlor and getting a manicure session or a new haircut, or going on a little shopping trip to get yourself a small luxury. Pampering yourself every once in a while gives your mood an immediate boost, releasing chemicals that will help your body relax.  

Be careful, though! Don’t overspend, since this might actually cause more stress once you’re done. Set a budget before going out and stick to it no matter what so you won’t regret it later.



Stress relieving activity #4: Reading or watching a film

An effective stress relieving activity should take you out of your problems and make you focus on something else instead, which is exactly what books, comics, movies and TV shows can achieve. By capturing your attention and making you concentrate on the adventures of fictional characters, you forget about everything that causes your anxiety.

Immersive artworks such as good comedies or horror movies are perfect for making you emotionally attached to characters and releasing stress relieving chemicals either by laughter, fear or excitement, so give them a try next time you’re feeling a little blue.  



Stress relieving activity #3: Writing

Writing a journal, a list, a short story or even a blog post, is a great way of organizing your thoughts or distracting you from whatever is causing your anxiety. Writing is a useful and excellent stress relieving activity to try. Not only will it calm you down, but it will also help you practice your writing and communicating skills.

Voicing or expressing your thoughts is also a great way of relieving stress. Call a pal, visit a psychologist, text with a buddy or write down your worries. Anything that gives you an outlet for your thoughts will get them out of your system and make them easier to deal with.



Stress relieving activity #2: Listening to music

Like films or books, music is a great art form for distracting you and immersing you in a different world. However, music excels in the stress relieving department, since it can change your physiology. Happy music can make you want to dance or simply boost up your mood, while instrumental music might help you clear your mind from unwanted thoughts and simply relax with its abstract tunes.

Listen to the right music, and it can even help you fulfill stressful tasks, such as studying, meeting a deadline, cleaning or being stuck in a traffic jam.  



Stress relieving activity #1: Exercising

There’s no greater way of relaxing your body than getting involved in a little workout session. Doing a physical activity helps you release endorphins which improve your mood and help you relax your body. Yoga is a popular favorite, but any sort of exercise works too: swimming, martial arts, running or walking are great for both toning your body and relaxing your mind.

If you’re feeling too stressed while you’re in your workplace, school or in the middle of a task, take some minutes to retire and walk it off. This simple activity will help you calm down and reorganize your thoughts.



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