Pantone’s Spring/Summer 2014 color palette

  • Sol Rivero

Spring is finally here! Get ready for the new season checking out Pantone’s official color palette full of fun and natural hues. Discover the top colors you’ll be seeing everywhere this season, and add these trendy hues to your wardrobe:


Pantone’s Spring/Summer 2014 color palette: Pastels

The new season presents a beautiful color palette of soft pastels inspired by elements of nature like the sky, flowers and landscapes; which can be combined with brighter shades to create unique outfits. The trendy pastel colors for the Spring/Summer season are:

  • Placid Blue, a cool and light shade inspired by the day sky.
  • Hemlock, a discreet hue reminiscent of green landscapes and lighter than last season’s Deep Lichen Green.
  • Violet Tulip, a handsome, dusky blue-purple tone, lighter than the Acai from the Fall/Winter 2013 season.



Pantone’s Spring/Summer 2014 color palette: Neutrals

Forget about black and white as the classic neutral shades! For Spring/Summer 2014, fashion designers found inspiration in tropical landscapes and shades of warm and earthy tones, experimenting with bolder hues for their neutral palette. The two main colors for the new season are:

  • Paloma, a shade of dusky gray.
  • Sand, a rich tone full of longing for the summer season.


Pantone’s Spring/Summer 2014 color palette: Bright colors

The vibrant shades for the Spring/Summer season are perfect counterparts for the pastel hues and neutral tones. Continuing with the landscape and nature inspiration, Pantone’s color palette points at warm and bright earthy tones, and two contrasting hues from the cool spectrum. The trendiest bright colors you should definitely add to your closet, are:



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