Fashion rules: how to wear sheer clothes

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See-through or sheer clothes have been incredibly popular during the latest seasons. There’s nothing like adding a coquette item with see-through lace or a soft sheer fabric for creating a very feminine look. However, wearing it can be tricky, since you shouldn’t expose too much or else your outfit will look tasteless.

To help you out, today we bring you a guide of the essential fashion rules you must know about how to wear sheer clothes. Check them out!


Wearing sheer clothes – Fashion Rule #5: Layer and combine

A great part of the sheer trend is that it can add a little sensuality to any outfit by combining it and styling it properly. A way of doing it is by combining pieces of different fabrics and colors. For example, a sheer blouse will lace will look great with a pair of jeans for a day outfit, or with an elegant pencil skirt for an evening look.

Sheer skirts can also be worn with darker mini-skirts underneath, and loose sheer tops can be combined with a tight darker top, thus creating an interesting silhouette.

However, it’s very important not to wear a sheer top-bottom combination. Wearing see-through clothes from head to toe might look too extravagant, so opt for combining and layering different items to create something really unique.


Wearing sheer clothes – Fashion Rule #4: Pick the proper accessories

Sheer clothes have really delicate materials, so it’s very important to be careful how you accessorize it. Chunky necklaces, beaded bracelets, pins, etc. can scratch and pull at the materials, leaving marks or causing shredding. A very important fashion rule to keep in mind on how to wear sheer clothes is to use jewelry and ornaments properly manufactured, without angles and loose parts that can get stuck on your clothes, such as metallic jewelry or large drop earrings.

If your sheer clothes have embellishment, then you can skip large, eye-catching accessories, and opt for more classic and understated items, such as pearls, stud earrings or a statement ring.


Wearing sheer clothes – Fashion Rule #3: Use the proper undergarments

One of the most difficult and intimidating parts of wearing sheer clothes consists in choosing the proper underwear. You can find many solutions in the market for every type of top and dress out there: from strapless bras to bra cups, and even adhesive bras. You just have to choose the perfect solution for you that makes you feel comfortable and properly covered.

You can also opt for something a little more chic. Certain blouses and skirts in neutral colors can look great with a darker top or a pair of small shorts underneath. A sheer dress can also look perfect when paired with a nightgown to give you an extra coat of coverage.


Wearing sheer clothes – Fashion Rule #2: Use neutral colors

Want to create the perfect sheer outfit? Get clothing in neutral colors such as beige, gray, black, white, etc. Neutral hues are easier to combine with the proper undergarments and layers, and they can be styled for day or night outfits effortlessly.

You can also find sheer clothes with different patterns, such as floral lace, polka dots, strips and more. Combine them with neutral or bright pieces and create a great ensemble.


Wearing sheer clothes – Fashion Rule #1: Choose something appropriate

Thinking about trying the sheer trend? The first thing to consider is the occasion and place. For example, the way of styling sheer clothes changes from day to night: for day, bright colors and lace tops are the favorites; while dark hues and long dresses are preferred for the night. Likewise, it’s not recommended to wear sheer or see-through clothes to workplaces, since they reveal too much and might send the wrong message.

Another important rule to remember is to consider the shape of your body when picking your sheer clothes. Thin chiffon clothes show a lot of skin, so if you’re not comfortable with a part of your body they might make you feel odd. Choose something that hugs your curves and add a little whimsy to your outfit.  



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