The 5 most effective exercises

  • Sol Rivero

Want to tone your body and lose all your extra weight? Then make sure you include the 5 most effective exercises for your body in your workout routine. Here’s a useful list that will tell you exactly how to have a successful exercising session. Add them to an interval training routine, and feel your body improve in days!


Most effective exercise #5: Leg raises

Want to tone your legs, tights and lower back? Leg raises are one of the most effective exercise for getting it done. This exercise can be combined with lunges or side planks to attend different areas of your lower body, or you can simply lay on a surface and lift, shrink and extend your legs in series of 20 to 30 repetitions.

Leg raises are effective for burning fat as well as toning your body, so make sure you include them in your routine.


Most effective exercise #4: Squats

Time to strengthen your lower body and burn all the extra calories from this area. For a very effective exercise you can try squats: cross or extend your arms in front of your torso, spread your legs apart, keep your back straight, and bend your knees as if you were sitting. Lift and lower your body repeatedly, and you’ll tone your quadriceps and backside.

You can improve the results by incorporating some resistance using weights, or increase the difficulty by adding a jumping motion to the exercise.


Most effective exercise #3: Crunches

Next step consists in toning your torso. Crunches are the most effective exercise for toning the muscles of your upper body, effectively affecting the areas of your neck, shoulders, back and abdominals. A regular crunch consists in laying on your back, keeping your feet on the ground, lifting your chin towards your torso, and going back to the initial position. Then, repeat it.

However, a normal crunch can have a negative effect on the muscles of your lower back, which is why some recommend bending your knees and crossing them for a better outcome. It might be harder to achieve at first, but it will lead to better results.  


Most effective exercise #2: Push-ups

Time to continue strengthening your upper body. Another effective exercise for toning your chest, shoulders, abdominals and triceps are push-ups. Lay facing down on the floor, extend your body, place the palms of your hands separated at both sides of your shoulder, and keep your feet together. Finally, lift your upper body and legs on your hands and toes, but make sure to keep your torso in a straight line.

To increase the effect, you can place your feet on a tall surface, or you can opt for using your knees as support for a lesser impact if you’re not used to this type of exercises.   


Most effective exercise #1: Walking

Finally, the most effective and easy to perform exercise you can incorporate to your workout routine is walking. Walking is perfect for toning your legs, strengthening your heart, and burning calories from all of your body. It’s also an exercise you can perform almost everywhere: either on a treadmill in the gym, at the park, or even when you’re taking a break during work.

An hour of fast walking can burn as much as 500 calories, but you should add minutes progressively. Begin with 5 to 10 minutes of walking, and incorporate time gradually.



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