Preparation tips for a job interview

  • Sol Rivero

Getting ready to face a potential new job can be nerve-wracking, but with a few tricks and tweaks you can cause your best impression and overcome your fears. To help you out, here are some preparation tips for a job interview you should keep in mind.


Preparation tips for before you arrive to your job interview

To begin getting ready for a job interview, the first step you should take is to investigate as much as you can about the company or workplace in which you’ll potentially be employed. Internet is a great tool for finding as much information as possible: check out their website, social networks, and see if you can find opinions of both current and former employees. This will give you an idea of how things will work if you get the job, and it’ll be important for showing your interest during the interview.

Then, make a list of potential questions you might expect at your job interview and practice your answers. You can expect queries about your skills, your former experience and your interest about the job, so make sure you’re ready to answer them sincerely and concretely.

Also, prepare relevant questions of your own: what your obligations will be, your schedule, etc.; but try to keep financial questions for the ending, or steer clear from them, since it might seem tasteless. Focus on goals, instead.

When the day arrives, make sure you are properly prepared by dressing the part. Opt for neutral colors such as black, navy, gray or white; and keep your face looking fresh with little makeup, a tidy hairdo and simple accessories, such as stud earrings or a simple pendant.


What to do when you’re at the place of your job interview

Arrive early to your job interview and take important paperwork with you: your curriculum, references, and examples of your work if the job requires it.  

When you’re at the place of your job interview waiting to be called, make sure you stay alert to your surroundings: take a look at how others act, how everything work, and take the chance to size up your competition. This will give you clues on how to act the part. Also, keep checking the company’s social networks so you can stay well-informed until the very last minute.

If you have time, visit the bathroom, use it and make sure you look your best. Then, take the time to relax. If you’re nervous and distracted it might have a negative effect on your job interview. Also, make sure you’re ready for being called in for the interview: keep all your belongings in your bag at all times so you won’t take long gathering them and hiding them away when your interview is up.    


Tips on what to do during your job interview

Once you’re in the middle of your job interview, stay calm and collected, be kind and try to show you’re comfortable from the start. Don’t be too casual, but be nice and honest to your interviewer. Don’t lie about your skills, and remember to ask all the questions you need to.

Keep your social networks clean from too personal or improper stuff, since your employers might be inspecting them after your job interview.

Finally, don’t be discouraged if you don’t get the job and see it as a learning opportunity instead.


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