Fix broken makeup: how to do it

  • Sol Rivero

Many of us have dropped our favorite eye shadow or powder, or even improperly stored our mascara or lipstick, causing damages to our makeup. But today, we bring you some easy tricks so you can fix broken makeup, so you don’t have to throw it away and spend more money on a new one.

Learn how to do it, and rescue your favorite beauty products:


How to fix broken makeup: Eye shadow, foundation, bronzer, blush and other powder compacts

Powder compacts are probably the most easily breakable of all the makeup essentials a woman has in her bag. Even the best products can break into tiny little pieces which look messy and can create a layer of colored dust around everything that it touches. But rescuing a compact is actually very easy!

Place some drops of rubbing alcohol on the broken powder, then, while it’s wet, begin piecing the parts together using the back of a clean spoon or a knife. Add drops of alcohol and continue mixing the paste until the compact looks smooth and brand new. Then, let it rest for a whole night, and proceed to use it the next day.

If the pieces are too small and you can´t rescue it, then smash the bigger pieces and transfer the entire content a new container, turning it into loose powder.


How to fix broken makeup: Lipstick and lip-gloss

If you’ve smashed your lipstick against the cap of the container, or if you’ve damaged its original shape in any way, don’t despair! A great and easy solution is to take the lipstick out of the container, place it in a spoon, and use the warmth of a candle or a stove to melt it. Then, you can place the resulting mix in a new and smaller container and let it rest for the night inside the refrigerator. This will give you a brand new lipstick the next day. You can even mix it with other damaged lipsticks to create new colors and produce your own semi-professional palette.

In case you have an almost empty or gooey container of lip-gloss you wish to fix, then heat a cup of water for three minutes and put the container inside of it. The warm water will soften the mixture and your lip-gloss will be as good as new.


How to fix broken makeup: Mascara and eyeliner

If your mascara has dried out then it’s probably because some air has gone inside while you’ve been using it. If your mascara is not too old, then you can try placing a few drops of contact solution or olive oil inside the container and shaking it. This should make it smoother, but if it doesn’t work, then heat up some water for about 3 minutes and place the container inside for about five to ten minutes.

Just like with the lip-gloss, the warm water will help melt the content of your mascara, making it smooth and easy to apply once again.

In the case of your eyeliner, if you just got a pencil which you don’t like, you can try fixing it by holding the tip under the flame of a candle or a lit stove for about one second. Then, let it cool for a while and try it on your skin. This trick turns the pencil into a semi-liquid liner with a better mark.



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