Best accessories and hairstyles for wearing a one-shoulder dress

  • Sol Rivero

Wearing a regular dress isn’t going to do it for your special celebration. You want to be edgy, chic and elegant, while also showing off some skin. If that’s the case, a one-shoulder dress is a great option for you, but these fashion pieces are harder to wear properly than they look.

To help you out, today we tell you all about the best accessories and hairstyles which will improve your outfit when you’re wearing a one-shoulder dress!


Best accessories for a one-shoulder dress

One-shoulder dresses often have a unique cut which will show one of your arms while covering the other, either partially or completely. When choosing the accessories for your dress, your best bet is to first consider the type of garment you’re wearing: flashy, colorful or complex dresses won’t need as much accessories as gowns in neutral or solid hues.



It’s usually recommended to skip large or chunky necklaces when you’re wearing a one-shoulder dress, since they draw attention away from the exposed skin and hide the distinctive shape of the gown. However, you can wear choker necklaces which don’t touch the neckline, or longer V-shaped necklaces which fall just under it. Both of these items will draw attention towards your face, and will look particularly striking on a one-shoulder dress in a neutral color.

Another option to draw attention towards your neckline is to place a beautiful pin or brooch on your covered shoulder. This will be especially effective if you’re accessorizing a fairly plain dress, since it will add a touch of sophistication.

Nevertheless, the favorite accessories for these dresses are still beautiful drop earrings. These items don’t interfere with the dress and will still redirect all eyes towards you. They’re perfect complements for gowns in both neutral colors and eye-catching prints, and if you prefer something a little bolder you can always opt for medallions or Art Deco shapes.

If you also wish to draw some attention towards your exposed arm, you can opt for a metallic cuff bracelet, or perhaps a large statement ring, or you can even carry a statement handbag with you to complement your dress.


Best hairstyles for a one-shoulder dress

So you’ve successfully picked the best accessories for your one-shoulder dress. The next step is to decide what to do with your hair so it will add an extra touch to your look.

Women with long hair can tie their hair back in a tall ponytail or an updo to keep their hair out of the way and let the dress stand out. Another option for them is to part their hair to one side, add volume to their locks, and let it fall in waves on their covered shoulder for a chic yet elegant look. If you have short hair, you can just style it with waves or with some messy bangs falling to one side.


Remember not to cover your exposed skin with your hair, since this will defeat the purpose of the gown, and consider the shape and style of your dress: if your dress is plain and neutral, then opt for hairstyles with a lot of volume; but if your outfit has ruffles or a complicated pattern, then select slicked back and simple hairstyles.


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