What to eat and what to avoid for whiter teeth

  • Sol Rivero

Time and unhealthy habits can affect our teeth and make them lose their naturally white color, as well as making them vulnerable to cavities and gum diseases. If you want to improve their health and appearance, then keep reading and discover how to treat them naturally by knowing what to eat and what to avoid for whiter teeth:


Top 5 foods to eat for whiter teeth

Want to return your teeth to all their gleaming white glory? Then make sure you add these 5 super-foods to your diet:



These slightly bittersweet fruits have been known to do wonders for weight loss and fitness. However, they’re also extraordinarily useful for teeth, since they contain an element called bromelain, which not only has anti-inflammatory properties, but also as a natural cleaning product for teeth, and is even included in some brands of stain-removing toothpaste. Pineapples are perfect snacks for making your teeth whiter and healthier.


Raisins, seeds and nuts

These healthy foods are great for protecting your teeth against plaque and stains, since they both induce chewing, thus stimulating the production of saliva which helps your teeth fight the acids and bacteria which can damage them. Nuts and seeds also rub against the surface of your teeth, acting as effective and natural cleansers as well as giving you a healthy dose of proteins, so make sure you keep them around.


Broccoli and celery

Vegetables such as broccoli and celery aren’t only good for your weight, but they also help your teeth by stimulating saliva production, thus cleaning away the food from your teeth and protecting your gums. They also contain fiber and iron, which help strengthening and reducing the inflammation of your teeth, while also creating a protective layer against acids and bacteria.



Fruits which demand a lot of crunching are definitely good for your teeth, and apples are not the exception to that rule. Apples act like a natural cleanser, as they increase saliva production and also rub against the surface of your teeth, getting rid of stuck food, bacteria and plaque in the process. They also contain high amounts of malic acid, which is a natural stain-remover used in some brands of toothpastes.



The best food for whiter teeth is simple and delicious: strawberries! These healthy foods contain a great amount of elements which will make your teeth healthier and better looking. Just like apples, they contain malic acid, which can remove superficial tooth discoloration. They also contain ellagitannis, a type of antioxidants which reduces the presence of stain-producing bacteria; and also a healthy dose of Vitamin C, which helps your teeth against gum and periodontal diseases.



Top 4 foods to avoid for whiter teeth

Now that you know what to eat, it’s time you check out which foods are doing the most damage to your teeth: reduce or avoid their consumption, and replace them for the healthier options listed above.


Sport drinks and sodas

What do energizing sport drinks, sodas and even fruit drinks have in common? They contain high amounts of simple sugars which, when they go inside your mouth, produce acids that can weaken your teeth, creating cavities and staining them.


Starchy foods

Breads, pastas, potatoes and other starchy foods, produce high acid levels which erode the teeth’s protective layer when they’re cooked or refined. However, raw starchy vegetables don’t have the same damaging effect.


Sugary foods

Candies, pastries, snacks and other sugary foods contain high levels of sugar which not only erode the teeth, but can also adhere to them for a long time, since saliva can’t wash them away. Colored sugary foods are also known for staining your teeth.


Caffeine and wine

Coffee, tea, red wine and white wine contain high acid levels which damage the teeth and stain them. Their effects are also more damaging, for people are used to sip them slowly, making stay in contact with the teeth for a long time.



If you’re having any of these foods, it’s usually recommended to alternate their consumption with water, and also rinsing your mouth right after eating them.


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