6 tips for recycling successfully

  • Sol Rivero

It’s Earth Day! Unfortunately, our planet is going through a very dark hour, with a lot of waste polluting our natural resources and affecting our environment. However, to celebrate this day of awareness, we’re telling you about an easy way of helping Earth by adding a few new habits to your routine. Learn how to do it with our list of 6 tips for recycling successfully.


Tip #6 for recycling successfully: Use long-lasting materials

The first step for recycling successfully is to reduce the number of waste we generate daily. To achieve it, you can start by acquiring objects which can be used for longer periods of time. For example: opt for rechargeable batteries instead of regular batteries, use reusable shopping bags instead of plastic bags, and pick reusable water bottles instead of buying new plastic bottles every time you go out.

Adding long-lasting materials and objects to your life will reduce the amount of waste you produce, as well as the sum of money you expend monthly.


Tip #5 for recycling successfully: Donate

So your old T.V., cellphone or home appliance broke and it’s time to get another one. Thinking about throwing it away? Think again! Millions of electronics are thrown into the garbage, contributing with the waste excess. A better option is to donate this discarded technology to a local charity which can either fix or sell the pieces, thus reusing it. Or, you can look online for a drop-off facility where you can take your electronics so they can be recycled.

Do the same with other household objects: clothes, notebooks, pens, toys…maybe something you don’t need can actually be of help to someone else.


Tip #4 for recycling successfully: Reuse

The easiest way of recycling successfully is to give a new use to old objects instead of throwing them away. Almost everything can be turned into something else: glass containers can make great candle holders, boxes can be decorated and used for storage…you can get creative and try dozens of DIY projects to create ornaments for your home with a minimum cost!

Begin with the basics: print on both sides of your paper, reuse your food by turning it into natural compost for your plants, and try to rescue dry paints, broken makeup and other materials whenever possible.


Tip #3 for recycling successfully: Catalogue your waste

Although you can reuse and reduce your waste, there’s a high amount of objects which you won’t be able to recycle at home. However, there are plenty of organizations which will gladly do it for you. These places recycle a wide array of waste, such as plastic, paper, cardboard, aluminum and metals. Others even take care of non-recyclable products such as batteries and cooking oil by finding alternative uses for them. Take the time to investigate online and check out the location of the recycling facilities which are closer to you.

So you can store each different material effectively, catalogue your waste by using separate bins with different purposes. Make sure you place the items you’re going to recycle in the right bin, and clean them thoroughly before storing them.


Tip #2 for recycling successfully: Motivate recycling programs in your community

Recycling at home is great, but if you want the impact of your effort to really cause an effect on the world, the initiative most expand to your friends, family and neighbors. Try to incorporate new members to your endeavor by creating an awareness campaign: talk to your local leaders, write to your mayor, hand informative flyers on the street, etc.

Every effort counts, and if you can establish or improve a recycling program in your community, it might act as a ripple effect and persuade other neighborhoods to do the same.


Tip #1 for recycling successfully: Buy recycled products

So you’ve reduced your waste and even convinced some of your buddies to do the same. The next step is to continue the recycling loop by acquiring recycled products from your local store. Check the labels and look for products such as paper, plastic, cans, etc. which are branded as already recycled, or recyclable. Some of the companies which create this objects also take them back for recycling once they’ve been used, thus making it much easier for you.

Finally, you can also complement your recycling efforts by being kind to the environment and opting for biodegradable materials.   



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