What to wear to a concert: essential fashion tips

  • Sol Rivero

Coachella is over, but numerous concerts are always available everywhere. From popular bands to indie musicians and classical performances, there’s always a chance you might be invited to a local concert to enjoy a night of music and fun. But how can you look sophisticated and still feel comfortable enough during these events?

Today we help you out by bringing you some essential fashion tips for deciding what to wear to a concert. Check it out!


Dressing up for a concert - Step #1: Consider the type of concert

Are you going to see a pop artist, or a violin concert instead? The type of music you’ll be hearing will give you the first hints on what to wear when you attend. Pop, hip-hop and rap concerts are perfect for baggy and colorful clothes; a country concert will be more enjoyable with large baggy dresses, bohemian-style clothes or jeans; for a rock concert shades such black, red and purple are amongst the favorites; while during a classical music performance you’ll have to opt for something a little more formal in neutral hues.

For picking successfully what to wear to a concert, keep in mind what’s the kind of music the band or soloist will be performing. Once you understand the main theme, combine it with your personal taste and incorporate it to your style so you can create something unique.


Dressing up for a concert - Step #2: Opt for simplicity

The best thing to do when you’re attending a concert is to wear only what you need and stay comfortable. Don’t overdress! If you’re going to a pop, rock or rap concert, chances are the venue you’re going to will be crowded, so wearing layers upon layers of clothes will make you feel too warm and uncomfortable after a while. Also, wearing your most expensive clothes is a formula for disaster, since you run the risk of getting them dirty with sweat or drinks.

Opt for simplicity instead. Comfortable shoes, tight pants and a loose shirt are perfect for staying warm and chic during a concert. If it’s a classical performance, a simple cocktail dress with an attractive cut, or a combination of dark dress pants and a lovely blouse will do just fine.


Dressing up for a concert - Step #3: Accessorize

Since you’re opting for a modest attire, the next step is to spice it up with the proper accessories. By wearing jewelry, scarves and head ornaments you’ll be able to personalize your outfit and dressing it up as much as you want. For a casual concert, colorful stacked bracelets, cute pendants and eye-catching earrings will work perfectly; while for a more elegant event, jewelry with pearls, stud earrings and lovely brooches, will add a touch of sophistication to any look.

Also, consider the type of concert you’ll be attending: leather and crystals will look great during a rock, grunge or indie concert, but might not be fitting for a classical music performance. Just like with clothes, keep in mind the time and the place and accessorize accordingly.


Dressing up for a concert - Step #4: Carry your essentials with style

Finally, you’ll have to remember to take with you a few essentials, such as your identification, keys, makeup, money, tickets, etc. Take the opportunity and turn this into a key element of your outfit by wearing a statement purse. Avoid large bags and opt for smaller accessories instead, like a colorful handbag or a clutch in neutral tones.

Find the perfect matching purse for your outfit, which also fits the occasion and allows you to carry your essentials while looking stylish.



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