Nail trends for Spring/Summer 2014

  • Sol Rivero

Nails are a favorite woman accessory, and during the last seasons we’ve seen them become quite popular for making a fashion statement. Today, we tell you all about the hottest nail trends for Spring/Summer 2014: add these hues and nail art patterns to give your outfit a more personal and chic touch!


Spring/Summer 2014 Nail Trend #5: Blush hues

The Spring/Summer 2014 season is loving the blush tones, with an incredible palette of lavenders, rouge, pinks and soft reds amongst the favorites of the season. The trend is also quite popular for nail polish, so you’ll find a wide array of blush hues available for you. The favorite? Probably the golden rose, which will look amazing in any skin tone. Give it a try!


Spring/Summer 2014 Nail Trend #4: Lively pastels

If blush hues seem a little too mellow for you, then you’ll probably like this Spring/Summer trend: bright pastels. Pastel colors have been everywhere for Spring/Summer 2014, but instead of the washed-out tones, this season is all about energetic and eye-catching colors. Orange, mint, turquoise, blue, yellow, green and hot pink are amongst the favorites for the new season, so make sure you add them to your collection.


Spring/Summer 2014 Nail Trend #3: Moon nail art

Want to give your nails a unique look? The Spring/Summer 2014 runways were fool of moon nail art! This cute trend consists in painting the little moon at the base of your nails with a different color than the rest of it. This gives you the chance of creating amazing combinations! For a trendy and sophisticated look, try mixing a bright pastel color or a shimmery nail polish with a neutral hue such as white or black.


Spring/Summer 2014 Nail Trend #2: Ornamented white

White is not a boring hue anymore. The Spring/Summer 2014 catwalks were full of white nails with a spin: embellishment! From stripes and dots to moon nail art, incrustations and complex designs, white nail polish is a must for the current season. Being a neutral shade, it will combine with almost any outfit. Give it your own spin with eye-catching and playful decorations, and enjoy one of the trendiest colors of the season.


Spring/Summer 2014 Nail Trend #1: Shimmery nail polish

The best way of making your hands stand out is by combining elegant rings with nails in shimmery shades. For Spring/Summer 2014, the most popular nail polish hues are metallic colors –with golden and brass as the general favorites- and glittery nail polish in colors such as blue, gray and rose. If you’re looking for something elegant, yet still chic and striking, then add these dazzling shades to your collection and make your hand shine on its own!



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