Gift Guide for Mother’s Day 2014: 5 gift ideas she’ll love!

  • Sol Rivero

Only 2 weeks left until it’s Mother’s Day, everyone! May 11 is the perfect day for pampering and celebrating the life of the women who loved us, raised us and cared for us! Wondering what to get for the most important woman of your life? Check out our gift guide for Mother’s day 2014, and discover the top 5 gift ideas she’ll love!


Gift idea for Mother’s Day 2014 #5: A new seasonal fragrance

The Spring/Summer season is in full progress and there’s nothing better than accompanying it with a proper new fragrance to accentuate the mood. You can choose to focus your perfume on one of the two seasons, or perhaps look for something that your mother can wear during both. For spring, opt for an Eau de Cologne or an Eau de Toilette with floral scents. Since Mother’s Day is in May, look for something with a trace of lilies, the official flowers of the month.

If you want to get your mother a new fragrance for summer, then look for something a little stronger, like an Eau de Cologne or an Eau de Parfum with fruity or citric scents, such as apple, orange or peach.

A great gift idea is to get a set with two seasonal fragrances for both spring and summer. But if you’re looking for something your mother can wear for both, then get a perfume with a sweet yet strong fruity aroma.


Gift idea for Mother’s Day 2014 #4: A statement handbag

All women love bags, and luckily for them, this year, handbags are the new favorite statement accessories for the current and upcoming seasons. A great gift idea for Mother’s Day which she’ll surely appreciate, is a brand new statement purse, a comfy new tote, or an eye-catching and unique handbag to complement her look.

Remember to opt for accessories in neutral hues such as black, white, beige or gray, which she’ll be able to combine with almost everything.


Gift idea for Mother’s Day 2014 #3: Indulging in hobbies

Most mothers are usually extremely busy and caring persons who place the needs of others above theirs. For their special day, a great gift idea could be reminding them about their passions and encouraging them to treat themselves more often. Is your mother a crafty person? Does she enjoy art or music? Is she an avid reader? Has she expressed her desire of learning a new language? For Mother’s Day, try to support her hobbies and interests by getting them supplies or courses, or even taking them out of their comfort zone with an entertaining but unusual activity!

Classes, cultural events or a unique adventure could be a great and memorable gift for Mother’s Day she’ll adore!


Gift idea for Mother’s Day 2014 #2: Green accessories

There’s only something women love more than a new bag: jewelry and accessories! So, why not pamper your mother with a brand new ornament for this Mother’s Day? May’s official color is green, which is also the color of hope and nature. Get the most special woman of your life something trendy for spring: a chain necklace with a green gemstone, a cute green bracelet or a beautiful pair of green drop earrings.

If you’re looking for something elegant and seasonal, you can also opt for cute floral accessories, metallic jewelry or items with pearls: the trendiest ornaments for spring!


Gift idea for Mother’s Day 2014 #1: A spa day

City life is exhausting, and mothers have to deal with a lot of extra stress! Mother’s Day is the perfect time for spoiling them, by helping them relax and making them feel beautiful and loved. A great gift idea she’ll appreciate it, is taking her for a full spa day or a beauty treatment: a manicure, a makeover… or any activity which entails no stress and tons of pampering.

You can always complement this gift with home products which provide relaxation: a home-spa set, scented candles, incense, soothing music, etc.



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