5 healthiest Spring foods you should add to your diet

  • Sol Rivero

Consuming the proper food can help you improve the way you feel and look, and since spring is such a wonderful time for enjoying vegetables and fruits, today we tell you all about the 5 healthiest spring foods you should add to your diet so you can enjoy the season fully.


Healthiest spring food #5: Rhubarb

This first spring food is quite curious: rhubarb is a vegetable, yet it’s often cooked and consumed as a fruit. To do so, you must remove the poisonous leaves, and then use the stalks to create the meal of your choice: you can use them for pies and tarts, jams, or simply slice it and add the pieces to a salad or sauces. Rhubarb is a great source of fiber, as well as calcium, potassium, manganese and vitamin C.


Healthiest spring food #4: Artichokes

Since these vegetables have their best harvest during the spring months, artichokes are definitely a must-have in any meal. They can be served with pastas and salads, and they’re wonderful for giving your body a healthy boost of energy during this season. Artichokes also contain a healthy dose of magnesium and fiber, and it’s very low on calories.


Healthiest spring food #3: Strawberries

These tasty fruits are the perfect sweet addition to your spring diet. Either incorporated into fruit salads, or eaten on their own as a succulent and healthy snack, strawberries are great for helping your skin deal with the environmental changes. This healthy spring food contains fiber, vitamin C and antioxidants, which help your skin repair and stay young and fresh looking.


Healthiest spring food #2: Legumes

Legumes are one of the greatest spring foods if you’re trying to keep your body weight in check, since your body must work hard to get the fiber it contains. Peas, beans and other legumes are easy to find during this season, and they’re a tasty addition to salads, sauces, soups and more. These healthy spring food will provide you with a great amount of vitamins A and C, while also giving your body an energy boost and making you feel fuller for a long time.


Healthiest spring food #1: Asparagus

Like most of the other foods on this list, asparagus can be harvested during all the year, yet their best crops are produced during the spring months. This healthy spring food can be added to salads, roasted, sautéed, or even grilled, and they contain vitamins A and C, and a low amount of calories. Asparagus also provide you with folate, a vitamin which helps your body with the synthesis of neurotransmitters, which makes this a great food for improving your mood during the season.


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