What to wear to an outdoor Spring/Summer wedding

  • Sol Rivero

Spring is the month of love, and the Spring/Summer season is perfect for fresh and fun weddings, especially when they celebrate the lovely weather with an outdoor ceremony. If you’re going to attend one of these events during this wonderful time of the year, then our guide on what to wear to an outdoor Spring/Summer wedding will help you pick the perfect outfit so you can look chic and proper.


What to wear to a daytime outdoor Spring/Summer wedding

Most outdoor weddings take place during the daytime, so the guests and the couple can enjoy the wonderful weather of the Spring/Summer season. Since most likely there will be a lot of scorching sunlight, you must take a few precautions so you won’t end up suffering due to the heat, or getting your skin burned.

Most daytime outdoor weddings are semi-formal events, which usually means wearing short, light dresses and comfortable heels. Opt for a knee-high dress with a soft fabric like tulle, silk or chiffon, since they’ll let your skin breathe under the sun. Avoid getting overheated, and pick a sleeveless dress and a low neckline. Colorful dresses are perfect for Spring/Summer events, and for this year hues such as bright pastels and blush tones will look great.

If it’s a casual ceremony, you can also opt for maxi-dresses paired with a light and colorful blazer or a shawl to protect your skin from the sun with elegance. To add a little glamour to your outfit, opt for the proper accessories: delicate floral jewelry or accessories with colorful gemstones will complement your look perfectly. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen and take a hat and sunglasses with you.


What to wear to a nighttime outdoor Spring/Summer wedding

A nighttime outdoor Spring/Summer wedding can be quite a wonderful event. Since the sun will be down by then, the guests won’t have to worry about sunburns, and the nightly climate can give the ceremony a really romantic feeling. However, it might be quite windy, and insects usually roam during the night, especially if the wedding takes place next to a watery place, so precautions must be taken.

Nighttime weddings are usually formal events, meaning long dresses in neutral colors. For the Spring/Summer season, opt for long, fluid dresses in soft fabrics. Look for embroidery or textures such as pleated fabric, appliqués or lace. Colors such as gray and sand are the new unique neutrals of the season, so give them a try.

If the ceremony is a more semi-formal or casual event, then you can pick a bold metallic knee-high dress, or add a little color to the event with a cute cocktail dress in bright pastel hues. Protect yourself from the cold opting for long sleeved attires or higher necklines. Finally, complement your look with shiny accessories like jewelry with crystals, opt for something classic like pearls, or you can also up the chic factor with a gorgeous statement handbag.   


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