Best hairstyles for graduation caps

  • Sol Rivero

It’s graduation season! If you’re about to say goodbye to high school or college during the upcoming months, then you must be on a frenzy looking for the best dress, makeup and shoes for the event. However, we all know that one of the toughest decision to make is which hairstyle to use, since graduation caps leave considerable dents on your hair.

To help you out, today we’re listing the best hairstyles for graduation caps, so you can look stylish while enjoying your special day.


Best hairstyle for graduation caps #5: Faux bob

Girls with short hair might not struggle so much to find the perfect hairstyle for their graduation, so why not recreate their easy-going style? An elegant way of adding some chic glamour to your look is to create a faux bob by tying most of your hair in a bun and hiding it under large and loose strands. You can curl your hair before tying it for a texturized and messy look.


Best hairstyle for graduation caps #4: Buns

Buns are the epitome of elegance, so it’s no wonder that most ladies think about it when considering a glamorous hairstyle for their graduation day. However, to make your bun fit a graduation cap you must consider placing it in a low position by making it fall under the cap and on your back.


Best hairstyle for graduation caps #3: Braids

Messy braids are hot for this season, and they’re the perfect, effortless hairstyle for a graduation ceremony. Tie your hair in a tight side braid and leave a few strands of hair around your face to accentuate it. Let the braid fall on your chest, and complement it with some cute drop earrings.


Best hairstyle for graduation caps #2: Half-ups

Are you looking for an easy and cute hairstyle for your graduation day? Then perhaps a half-up is the perfect option for you! Take a few strands or hair from both sides of your head and tie them together at the back. This relaxed hairstyle is perfect for a natural look, and will look lovely with and without the cap. Remember to use some hairspray to keep the top of your hair secure, and complement the hairstyle with a cute brooch, bow or hair decoration.


Best hairstyle for graduation caps #1: Waves

Unfortunately, graduation caps are terrible for complex hairstyles, so if you want something that will look good no matter what, you might want to consider simply letting your hair loose. To give it some volume and movement, curl it and style it with large waves. It will look great, and you won’t have to worry about frizz or having to fix it after removing your graduation cap.


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