Health benefits of cycling

  • Sol Rivero

May is the National Bike Month in the United States, and many weeklong events celebrating the use of bicycles take place during this time. Since there’s an increase of policies inviting people to use their bikes more frequently, today, we’re taking a look at the top health benefits of cycling to see what all the fuss is about.

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Health benefit of cycling #5: It helps tone your muscles

Cycling involves more than your legs, since it requires a lot of strength. As you begin to cycle regularly, the exercise will help you tone and strengthen your muscles and improve the mobility of hips and joints. This also makes it the perfect complementary workout for people who enjoy other types of exercises or physical activities.


Health benefit of cycling #4: It boosts your stamina

Since it’s a fun and easy kind of exercise, cycling is perfect for building endurance and stamina without even noticing the effort it takes. It’s also great for reducing fatigue by boosting up your entire body after just a few minutes of regular exercise.


Health benefit of cycling #3: It helps you lose weight

Cycling is a great way of losing weight, since it burns up to 300 calories per hour. On top of that, the steady movement of your body and the acceleration on your heart rate, help boosting up your digestive system, improving your metabolism and stimulating your intestines.

It’s also the perfect low-impact exercise for your legs and knees, since most of your weight will be held by the saddle and not your extremities.


Health benefit of cycling #2: It helps your heart

Cycling regularly is great for achieving cardio-vascular fitness, and according to several studies, it’s a good exercise for reducing your risk of developing coronary diseases and even having a heart attack. Also, by improving your heart rate and your breathing, it strengthens your heart muscles and it boosts your blood circulation.


Health benefit of cycling #1: It improves mental and physical skills

Cycling is great for your mental and physical skills. By improving your cardio-respiratory fitness, it improves blood flow towards the brain, therefore helping you fight off degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer. It will also regularize your sleeping habits, helping you rest better so you can regenerate your cells. It’s even believed to help reduce the risk of developing cancer.

Cycling also boosts creative thinking, improves your mood by making you produce endorphins, and also increases your coordination skills.



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