Swimwear trends for Summer 2014

  • Sol Rivero

The sunniest season is here! It’s time to get rid of the layers, show some skin, and enjoy the beach! And there’s no better way to do it than by getting a brand new bathing suit which fits the spirit of the season! Take a look at what’s “in” for this season, with our list of the top swimwear trends for Summer 2014.


Swimwear trend for Summer 2014 #5: Ruffles and fringes

It’s no secret that this Spring/Summer season has all been about flashy gowns and movement, and what better way to add some uniqueness to an otherwise plain attire than by looking for texturized swimsuits? Cute and feminine bikinis with ruffles, and one-piece swimsuits with fringes are “in” for Summer 2014.

If you’re on the thin side, this is also the perfect way of creating a curvy silhouette, by choosing swimwear with large patterns and layered ornaments.  


Swimwear trend for Summer 2014 #4: Sporty swimsuits

The sporty trend has been quite popular this year, and for Summer 2014 one of the major swimwear trends consists in incorporating an athletic look to your summer outfits. Look for swimsuits with bright colors –white being the favorite- and ornaments such as zippers or mesh, or you can even opt for a full-body suit inspired by surfers.

If you’re thinking about showing off your volleyball skills at the beach, then this is the perfect swimwear trend for you.


Swimwear trend for Summer 2014 #3 High-waisted bottoms

If you love to give a modern yet vintage look to an outfit, then this is the trend for you! Choose a two-piece swimsuit with a tribal or floral pattern and a high-waisted bottom, to create a sexy 60’s look. This look is extremely flattering to almost all body types, since it accentuates or helps produce curves.

A chic alternative consists in pairing up a long-line bustier with a bikini bottom or even a high-waisted bottom for the more body-conscious girl. You’ll look great!



Swimwear trend for Summer 2014 #2: Cut-outs

Peek-a-boo silhouettes have been everywhere this season, mainly through sheer fabrics and bold cut-outs. The trend, of course, reached swimwear design for Summer 2014, so if you like to show a little skin in a unique way, then this is the best option for you, with chic full-body swimsuits with cut-outs at the sides or in the middle.

This is a great way of wearing something with a little extra punch, while also looking very elegant at the beach.


Swimwear trend for Summer 2014 #1: Long-sleeved suits

With so many alarming statistics about the increased number of people suffering from skin cancer each year, you might want to cover yourself a little bit more this summer so you can stay on the safe side. Luckily, designers have created great long-sleeved swimsuits with cute patterns and bold colors, either in two-piece or one-piece suits.

If you’re not into showing much of your skin, this is the perfect option for enjoying a stress-free and fashionable time at the beach.


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