Summer vacation: tips on how to pack for a great trip

  • Sol Rivero

The sunny months are perfect for going on a wonderful journey and creating memories with your family and friends. However, one of the most dreaded parts of any trip is managing to stuff all you need in a suitcase. Today, we help you out with our guide of tips on how to pack for a great trip, so you can enjoy a wonderful Summer vacation.


Tip on how to pack for a great trip #1: Consider the type of traveling

The first and most essential step to pack properly for a great summer vacation is to keep in mind how you’ll be reaching your destination. While traveling by car means you probably won’t have much problems with how many things you bring, traveling by plane implies certain limitations you’ll have to take into account when you’re packing if you don’t want to be detained or pay extra.

Also, it’s vital to consider where you’ll be going to. Is it worthy to bring your most expensive suitcase to the trip, or will something more generic do?


Tip on how to pack for a great trip #2: Make a list early

Don’t begin packing a day before your trip, especially if you’re going on a long vacation, since your nerves might kick in and you’ll probably forget a thing or two –and often, what’s most important! Begin making a list some days or even a week before your trip, and write down every single item you can think off. Then, a day or two before you leave, examine the list and decide if you really need everything you entered.

Take into consideration essentials which you might find on the place you’re going to: some hotels will have hair dryers and other toiletries ready for your use, so anything you can spare taking with you, erase it from the list.


Tip on how to pack for a great trip #3: Pack lightly and smartly

We’d all love to take every single one of our comforts with us when we’re going on a trip. However, this is impossible, so you’ll have to pack smartly. Whenyou pack, opt for basics and essentials, such as clothes in neutral colors, metallic jewelry, a varied makeup palette, etc. Don’t take everything with you! Choose light and versatile pieces you can reuse and combine in different ways during your trip.

Also, keep in mind the possibility of buying more stuff when you reach your destination. Always leave some space on your suitcase so you can fill it with new items in case you need to.


Tip on how to pack for a great trip #4: Organize according to your needs

To pack successfully you’ll have to manage all the space on your suitcase smartly. Place your heaviest items on the bottom of the suitcase, and leave the lighter stuff on top of it. Use external pockets to place essentials such as medicines, keys, cellphones, cash, etc.; or store them in a place which you can access easily in case you need them.

To make more space and avoid wrinkles, opt for rolling your clothes instead of folding them. Just fold shirts and pants in half once, and then roll them on themselves.

If you’re packing something fragile, try to place it between items with thick fabrics so they’ll act as a cushion and protect it from damage.



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