The surprising effects of the top 5 most popular colors

  • Sol Rivero

Did you know something as simple as choosing the right color can not only influence how you feel, but also how other people perceive you? Learn what your favorite colors say about you, and how to pick the right hues to give your mood a boost or impress a potential employer, by discovering the surprising effects of the top 5 most popular colors.


The surprising effects of the top most popular color #5: Black

Although technically it isn’t a color, black is definitely a beloved hue for both men and women, since it’s widely considered a sign of elegance and class. According to color psychology, black represents power and authority, but it can also make you seem aggressive or unapproachable, as it transmits a sense of something hidden or protected.

It’s believed that wearing too much black can cause depression, and it can be a harmful color for the spiritual wellbeing of the person who wears it, which is why it’s widely recommended to accompany it with brighter hues. Also, without a matching attitude, black can be perceived as a symbol of submission to something else, so make sure you always look extra confident when you’re wearing it!


The surprising effects of the top most popular color #4: Red

Commonly associated with passion, the color red has the surprising effect of raising people’s heartbeats when they see it. This makes it a very intense and stimulating color which can increase our levels of physical vigor, so if you’re in need of an energy-boost, this is the color to try. 

However, although red is great for capturing everyone’s attention, it can also be perceived as an aggressive hue, so make sure you avoid it during activities which require negotiation. Also, avoid being exposed to too much red, since it can produce stress and anger. 

The lighter shade of red, pink, is also quite a popular color, and it’s great for producing a calming effect, as well as conveying affection. 


The surprising effects of the top most popular color #3: Purple

This popular color has been associated with wealth and luxury for a very long time, since it was once an exclusive hue that only rich individuals could wear. Since it’s a combination of red and blue, the color purple has traits from both hues, like red’s vitality and blue’s calmness. Although seemingly contradictory, this properties make purple an excellent hue for inducing thought and boosting your imagination.  

Nonetheless, purple can also be perceived as artificial or ostentatious, and being surrounded by too much purple can also increase feelings of depression and anxiety.  


The surprising effects of the top most popular color #2: Green

The color of nature, green is one of the most popular colors amongst men and women, and it’s been associated to rebirth for a long time. Like purple, green is a combination of two primary colors, and shows properties linked to both: the calmness of blue, and the clarity of yellow. This makes green a nurturing hue, which is perceived as hopeful and harmonious, and it’s known for its soothing properties on the human mind.

Although it’s such a positive color, green, especially dark green, can convey an energy which is commonly associated with envy and diseases, so lighter shades are always preferred.


The surprising effects of the top most popular color #1: Blue

According to most studies, women and men are invariably attracted to the color blue. This hue is known for having calming effects on the human mind, since it boosts the production of soothing chemicals on the brain. It is also believed to represent loyalty and wisdom, as well as making things seem lighter and comfortable, making a favorite amongst those going to job interviews or work meetings.

Still, blue is also the color we commonly associate with coldness, so it can be perceived as aloof or conservative. Blue dyes are also perceived as unnatural, and one of its surprising effects is reducing appetite, since it’s related to toxic elements, so if you’re going on a diet you can use it to control your weight.  



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