August’s Birthstones: the Peridot and the Sardonyx

  • Sol Rivero

The new month is already here, and it’s time to learn all we can about its official gemstones. What makes them stand out, and what do they represent? Discover it with our guide on August’s birthstones: the Peridot and the Sardonyx.


August’s Birthstone: the Peridot

The most important birthstone of the month is the peridot, also known as the “evening emerald”. This gemstone is usually found in a lively olive or lime green hue, although it can also appear in a yellowish or brown color. It’s also one of the few precious stones to be found in its main color without being treated artificially.

The peridot can be found in regions of Austrailia, Brazil, Burma, China, Kenya, Mexico, Norway, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and the United States; and it’s been used since ancient times to create beads for necklaces and bracelets.

The peridot has been a much valued stone during centuries, and it has had a wide range of different meanings and associations. In Hawaii, for example, it’s related to the goddess of fire and volcanoes, Pele; while in ancient cultures it was considered a symbol of the sun.

Magical and healing properties have also been linked to the stone. Some believe it could keep evil spirits away, while others thought it could protect its wearer from nightmares. It has also been used against problems of the respiratory system, and it’s believed to attract strength, prosperity, influence and romantic bliss to its wearer.

According to the Birthstone Poem:


Wear a Peridot or for thee,
no conjugal felicity,
the August born without this stone,
‘tis said, must live unloved alone”.


August’s Birthstone: the Sardonyx

The second official birthstone of the month is the sardonyx, a gem which usually shows bands of red, brown and white. The name comes from a Greek word which means “reddish brown”, and the stone can be found in Brazil, Czechoslovakia, Germany, the United States and Uruguay.

The sardonyx is usually employed to carve cameos and intaglios, and it was very popular amongst Greeks and Romans, who engraved images of gods, heroes and other talismans, so they would protect them and give them strength.



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