How to take care of your eyes and ears properly

How to take care of your eyes and ears properly

  • Sol Rivero

August is Cataract Awareness Month, as well as Audio Appreciation Month, yet it’s not uncommon for people to forget about these parts of their bodies. Today, we give you some useful tips on how to take care of your eyes and ears properly so you can avoid illnesses and problems of either sight or hearing.

 How to take care of your eyes and ears properly. Model: Heidi Goncalvez

Tip for taking care of your eyes and ears #4: Clean them properly

It’s very important to keep your eyes and ears clean to avoid possible infections. However, the method in which you clean them is just as important. If you wear contacts, make sure your hands are clean before putting them on or taking them off or do the same if you’re simply cleaning your eyes with water. Also, avoid exposing them to irritant solutions.

When it comes to your ears, only clean the outer part of your ear using a tissue. Don’t push Q-tips or similarly pointy objects inside your ear, since this can cause significant damage to the ear canal.

Also, remember to keep clean all the accessories you place next to them: contact lenses, earrings, headphones, etc.  


Tip for taking care of your eyes and ears #3: Let them rest

It’s important to give your eyes and ears a break. Constant exposure to noise or loud sounds, or the light of a screen, can easily degenerate your eyes and ears. Therefore, if you’re using headphones, take them off regularly; or if you’re in front of a computer, let your eyes rest by looking away from the screen every 15 to 20 minutes for a few seconds.


Tip for taking care of your eyes and ears #2: Protect them

When you go out or when you’re performing certain demanding tasks, it’s crucial to protect your eyes and ears against foreign agents which can cause much damage. For your eyes, always go out using sunglasses with UV protection, since the sunlight is especially damaging for them. Also, if you have a job in a field of work that demands protective eyewear, don’t skip using it.

When it comes to your ears, try to stay away from places with too much noise, or, if it can’t be avoided, use earplugs. This includes concerts, noisy workplaces, and any event in which there are loud sounds. Also, don’t forget to apply sunscreen on your outer ear, since it’s a part of your body which can easily suffer from sunburns.


Tip for taking care of your eyes and ears #1: Visit an expert

Many diseases such as cataracts or hearing problems don’t show early recognizable symptoms which can warn us from their development. That’s why it’s essential to visit an expert regularly and have both parts of our bodies thoroughly checked since only a deep exam can help detecting signs of deterioration.

It’s also particularly important if your family has a history of eye or ear diseases, or if you’ve been experiencing pain, itching or unusual circumstances (such as temporary blindness or a buzzing sound).



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