How to prepare your home for Fall

  • Sol Rivero

Soon the fall will be upon us! So it’s the best time to start adapting our houses for the colder months. To help you, here are some essential tips on how to prepare your home for fall that might make the task easier!


Tip to prepare your home for Fall #3: Check your heating

As the colder months approach, temperatures start to drop considerably, so the first step to prepare your home for fall needs to be checking your house is ready for the changes. Clean the heating vents and chimneys, check the heating system is working properly, and have your water heater ready.

If needed, make sure a professional checks the condition of your heating system, just so you can be sure everything will be running smoothly during the upcoming season. Also, leave the cleaning of fireplaces, plumbing and tanks to an expert.


Tip to prepare your home for Fall #2: Store what is no longer needed

Begin by storing the outdoors and indoors furniture you won’t longer need. If you have plants which are essentially from warm weathers, introduce them to the interior of your house to give them a higher chance of surviving the winter.

This is also the time to do some cleaning around your closet. Start by putting away the clothes and accessories which are essentially for summer, and leave the more season-versatile pieces on your wardrobe to successfully transition from summer to fall. Store everything with care by using proper containers which won’t allow external agents to affect your clothes.

Also, consider donating everything you won’t need anymore. It’s a great way of helping others by getting rid of those items that aren’t of use to you.


Tip to prepare your home for Fall #1: Repair and clean

An important part of preparing your home for fall is to make sure the main structure is perfect so you can prevent accidents. This includes checking the roof, windows, doors, sidewalks, etc. for cracks or erosion, so you can fix them properly.

Another important part is to get rid of all the dust, debris and dirt that accumulates in gutters and vents to prevent clogging during the cold months. Doing this before the new season arrives will help you save money and avoid later inconveniences.



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