Great gift ideas for September birthdays - 2014

  • Sol Rivero

The year is slipping right through our fingers! It’s time to discover how to pamper those persons we love who were born on the 9th month of the year. Here’s our guide of great gift ideas for September birthdays that will keep your friend and family happy!


Great gift idea for September birthdays – 2014 #5: A great book

September is the month of highly intellectual peeps who enjoy having something great to learn, so a great present for them could be a new book with fresh information about something they enjoy, or from a genre they love. Books related to art are usually their favorites, since they stimulate their highly creative minds, so make sure you give them a look.

If your loved one is also a tech-loving person, perhaps something which complements their reading, like a tablet or eReader, might also work.


Great gift idea for September birthdays – 2014 #4: A sweet perfume

This month is mostly dedicated to those from the Virgo sign, and they usually enjoy looking and feeling great. Anything fashionable and chic, yet also simple and versatile, will be loved by them: a maxi dress, a statement necklace, a cute pair of shoes… Elegant and stylish pieces are they favorites.

However, since you might not know their size or their preferences, then opt for the present of a sweet perfume. Calming fragrances such as lavender and peppermint are great to keep their spirit grounded, and they’ll fit perfectly with the season.


Great gift idea for September birthdays – 2014 #3: Blue accessories

September’s birthstone is the sapphire, a beautiful gemstone usually coveted in a deep blue hue. However, sapphires can be quite expensive, so opt for selecting accessories with blue tones instead, like a pair of chic earrings, or a gorgeous floral choker.

Those born in September tend to gravitate to cute and very feminine pieces which have a touch of uniqueness to them, so keep it in mind when you’re shopping for the perfect gift.


Great gift idea for September birthdays – 2014 #2: Personal care items

September babies are usually very independent people who enjoy relaxing after a hectic schedule. A great way to pamper them, is by helping them out with some personal care items such as body lotions, spa sets, creams, etc.

They love looking and feeling beautiful, so look for beauty products with great fragrances and unique ingredients. Calming properties are also a plus!


Great gift idea for September birthdays – 2014 #1: A diary or a planner

Those born in September tend to be highly organized persons who relish on having everything under control. A great way of keeping their thoughts and lives as tidy as possible is by keeping either a diary or a planner with all their activities. Since they usually enjoy writing, these are two essential items for them.

For the perfect present, give them something they can use to keep everything in order. They’ll appreciate it quite a lot!



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Ready for the new month? It’s time to discover the best presents for your loved ones! Here are some great gift ideas for September birthdays of 2014!