Fashion trends for Fall 2014

  • Sol Rivero

With Labor Day, we come to the unofficial ending of the summer season. To celebrate, here are some of the pieces you’ll need to have a chic wardrobe. Here’s our first guide on the main fashion trends for fall 2014!


Fashion trends for Fall 2014: the clothes

Time to start covering up a little with layers of different colors, patterns and materials, as temperatures begin dropping considerably.

  • The tops: time to give a try to sweater-dresses, it’s perfect for providing warmth as well as accentuating your curves. However, the bold woman who is not afraid of making a sacrifice for fashion, can compromise a little by opting for sheer clothing, which will still be everywhere during this season despite the cold. For the retro girl, 60’s inspired looks will also be popular. Oversized coats, ponchos or capes will be a must-have, so don’t forget to get yours.
  • The bottoms: for this season, designers proposed combinations of body hugging pants and dresses, as a great way of adding warmth and style to our fall wardrobes.
  • The shoes: the favorites of the fall 2014 season are statement boots and pointed-toe flats. But if you’re looking for comfort, sneakers were also part of the main runways.
  • The patterns: this year it’s all about the eye-catching and large patterns, with artsy and cosmic prints as the main favorites, with animal prints as a close second.
  • The textures: knitwear will be a favorite for fall, and the bigger the better. For a chic yet animal-friendly option, you can also add pieces with faux fur shearling to your closet, or simply opt for velvet.
  • The colors: opt for vibrant hues to contrast against the cold –blue, red and radiant orchid are amongst the favorites-, or outfits with full neutral colors such as gray, sand or brown.


Fashion trends for Fall 2014: the accessories

For fall 2014 the motto is the larger the better!

  • The jewelry: for this season, floral accessories continue to be a favorite, especially with statement necklaces and large pins. It was all about the size, and large, eye-catching earrings were definitely everywhere, as well as stacked statement rings. Finally, the statement piece your wardrobe will need is a large scarf with an eye-catching pattern.
  • The bag: for this season, the statement bag will be the main fashion accessory, and the more ornamented and unique, the better. Oversized clutches and purses will also be everywhere for fall 2014.
  • The shades: think you won’t need sunglasses this season? Think again! For this fall, opt for oversized round-shaped tinted sunglasses.
  • The hat: for fall 2014 the inspiration comes from past decades, so it’s not surprising that large bowler hats and wide-brim hats are back for this season. For a more modern option, opt for knit hats and cute berets.


Fashion trends for Fall 2014: beauty

For the upcoming season the key is in balancing statement eyes and hair with a more neutral look.

  • The haircut and hairstyle: 60’s hair with lots of volume is back, but the comfort of braids, twists and low ponytails isn’t about to disappear. Wavy, texturized hair is the main favorite. For an edgy haircut, opt for cropped hair, but don’t be afraid of letting your hair grow long for this season.
  • The hair dye: platinum blond, dark chocolate and fiery reds continue to be the favorites for fall 2014.
  • The nail art: the half-moon nail art continues to be the main trend, as well as highly ornamented nails with eye-catching patterns or colors.
  • The nail color: red, nude, blue and metallic are the favorites.
  • The makeup: this season is all about the eyes, with statement eye shadow in bold and shiny hues or graphic designs as the main trend, as well as bold eyelashes. For the rest of your face, opt for a more natural palette. For something a little more audacious, add a bright red lipstick hue to your collection, or opt for a chic and shiny metallic lipstick.


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