Health tips: how to cure a headache naturally

  • Sol Rivero

A headache can leave you dizzy, grumpy, or even impair you when you’re trying to work. Since sometimes medicines aren’t an option, we’ve gathered a few health tips to teach you how to cure a headache naturally, and, most of all, effectively.


Health tips: how to cure a headache

There are many methods to cure a headache with just a few things you probably already have at your home. Essentially, it comes down to what you do and consume:

  • Food: it’s recommended to avoid drinks and foods with caffeine, since they can dehydrate you and affect your body. Eating almonds can help get rid of a temporary headache, yet they can also cause migraines. Detoxing foods and lots of water can also help your body cure a headache naturally
  • Compress: it’s recommended to place either a cold or warm compress on your forehead to help the blood vessels on your head to relax and heal. A compress with apple cider vinegar is, apparently, a good option, too.
  • Oils: natural oils, such as lavender, peppermint or coconut oils, can be pressed on the affected area with a massage, helping it heal due to aromatherapy and its naturally healing properties.
  • Activity: the best way to cure a headache is to engage your body in a much needed rest, especially if it takes place in a dim room. However, activities which involve relaxation, such as yoga or meditation, can also help, by distracting your mind and providing natural pain relievers.


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