What your eyes say about your personality

  • Sol Rivero

We’ve all been there: we just take a look at someone and we immediately have some expectations about who they are and how they behave. According to studies, this is more common than you might think, and it can be broken down to certain characteristics which gives us an idea of who the person we’re interacting with might be.

Check out what your eyes say about your personality without you even noticing it!


What your eyes say about your personality

The first part we notice about someone’s face is usually the eyes. Here’s the information you can gather by just looking at their color and shape:


What your eye color says about your personality:

According to behavioral experiments, men pay particular attention to eye color, and some shades are deemed more trustworthy than others. According to studies, people with:

  • Blue eyes: are believed to be very sensual, flirty, but also very sensitive;
  • Green eyes: are considered energetic, intelligent, passionate and creative;
  • Gray eye: are believed to be very wise, passionate, gentle and imaginative;
  • Hazel eyes: are considered kind, adventurous and independent;
  • Brown or black eyes: are believed to have a strong will, be determined, spiritual, and are considered the most trustworthy and honest shade.


What your eye shape says about your personality:

The shape of your eyes and the distance between them can also transmit a lot of information. People with:

  • Almond shaped eyes: are disciplined and sensitive;
  • Round shaped eyes: are emotional, impulsive and sociable;
  • Closed set eyes: can have temper issues, yet are also focused and analytical;
  • Wide set eyes: are free-thinkers, flexible and fun;
  • Deep set eyes: they’re creative, analytical and very passionate;
  • Big eyes: are open-minded, romantic, intelligent and very creative;
  • Small eyes: are perfectionists and wise;
  • Downward eyes: can be prone to pessimism;
  • Upward eyes: are optimistic, curious and witty.


What your eyebrows say about your personality:

Finally, what gives your eyes the last touch of character are your eyebrows. People with:

  • Short eyebrows: can get stressed easily;
  • Long eyebrows: are very sociable and good workers;
  • Thin eyebrows: are cautious and can be over-sensitive;
  • Full eyebrows: are active and very confident;
  • High-arched eyebrows: are perfectionists and can be guarded with their emotions;
  • Low-arched eyebrows: are easy-going and expressive;
  • Curved eyebrows: they care a lot about the well-being of others;
  • Eyebrows with a little or no arch: are logical persons;
  • Peaked eyebrows: are fun and spontaneous.


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