5 facts you might not know about Karl Lagerfeld

  • Sol Rivero

Born in September 10th of 1933, Karl Otto Lagerfeldt is one of the most renowned fashion designers of the world, working with high-end brands such as Chloé, Fendi, and currently, Chanel. Today, we celebrate his birthday by checking out some of the 5 facts you might not know about Karl Lagerfeld and his incredible career!


Fact you might not know about Karl Lagerfeld #5: He creates his designs with makeup

Amongst the designer’s many unique quirks, his preference for using makeup for creating his fashion designs might be one of the most striking. Lagerfeld is known for using eye-shadows and nail polish from the Japanese brand Shu Uemura to create his illustration.

Other peculiarities include owning more than 100 iPods, and carrying multiple iPhones and iPads wherever he goes.     


Fact you might not know about Karl Lagerfeld #4: He loves his cat Choupette

Perhaps one of the most famous and pampered pets in the world, Lagerfeld has usually expressed his profound love for his female cat, Choupette, a gorgeous Siamese feline. Most recently, the designer has decided to publish a book speaking about his cat’s life, and he has even joined the Japanese brand Shu Uemura to create a beauty collection inspired by Choupette.

The cat, who originally belonged to a French male model, now has personal maids, a chauffeur, luxurious accommodations, and even a Twitter account of her own.


Fact you might not know about Karl Lagerfeld #3: Has collaborated with many labels

After moving to Paris to finish his studies, Laferfeld won a design competition in 1955 which would launch his career. He was hired by Pierre Balmain –who was also Saint Laurent’s mentor- to work as his assistant. But after a few years, Lagerfeld began working with other labels, either through collaboration or freelance designs.

Chloé, Isetan, Charles Jourdan, Ballantyne, Diesel, H&M…are only a few of the labels with which Lagerfeld has collaborated throughout his long career.


Fact you might not know about Karl Lagerfeld #2: Nobody really knows his birthday date

Just like Coco Chanel usually changed the facts of her modest origins, Lagerfeld is also known for changing the date of his birthday in different interviews. A statement from his parents indicates he was born on 1933, but the designer has often denied the information, by saying he was born in 1935.

What is, in fact, known about the designer, is that he lived a privileged life in Germany due to his father’s established business.


Fact you might not know about Karl Lagerfeld #1: He expands his interests beyond the fashion world

Although he is a major name in the fashion world, that doesn’t mean that he’s not passionate about other creative fields. Karl Lagerfeld has also designed glassware for Orrefors, has worked into photography and film direction, and even owns his own publishing house called Lagerfeld Style, and an art and architecture bookstore called 7L.

Also interesting, even if Lagerfeld was interested in fashion since he was about 10 years old, he originally dreamt of being a cartoonist or illustrator, and is known for creating sketches on his iPad.



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