Makeup Tips: Concealing dark circles

  • Sol Rivero

We’ve told you before how to get rid of dark circles naturally, but when you’re in a hurry, covering them up with makeup can be the only option. Therefore, today we bring you an easy guide of makeup tips for concealing dark circles without problem.


Concealing dark circles - Step #1: Choose the proper makeup

So you’re thinking about concealing the dark circles under your eyes. The first step is to consider which products to use. Creamy concealers and foundations are perfect for covering up those pesky dark spots. They should be light but have the proper coverage to blend with your skin seamlessly.

When choosing the hue, keep in mind the color of your dark circles: if they’re blue or purple, choose a creamy concealer with a yellow or orange base. If your dark circles look brown or yellow, then opt for a peach or salmon hue. To pick the right color, simply select a product with a tint opposite the one on your spots so it will cancel it out.


Concealing dark circles - Step #2: Apply effectively

To properly conceal your dark circles, apply a few drops of your concealer or foundation on the affected area, but only there. Then, grab a brush or use your fingers to spread the product on the spots under your eyes.

Finally, take some translucent powder and pat it on the area to fix the concealer on your skin. Make sure you cover the inner corners of your eyes and follow the creases of your lids so it looks more natural.  


Concealing dark circles - Step #3: Enhance the look

To finish up, complete the rest of your makeup by adding your normal foundation to the rest of your face, as well as some blush to brighten it up. If you’re looking a little tired, use a white eyeliner on the inner rim of your eyes to make them look more alert.

If you’re still not feeling too confident about your dark circles, opt for wearing a bold and vibrant shade of lipstick to divert attention from your eyes. Presto!



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