5 great health benefits of Pumpkins

  • Sol Rivero

Fall is here, and October is just around the corner! As the temperatures drop, our eating habits begin changing, and one of the top foods we unconsciously link to autumn are pumpkins. But, did you know they contain a ton of properties which can help your body stay healthy and fit during fall?

Read on, and discover 5 great health benefits of Pumpkins you might not know about!


Great health benefit of Pumpkins #5: They’re good for your mood

As temperatures drop, some persons begin showing symptoms of seasonal depression, with their moods changing drastically. A way of helping your mind face this, is by increasing exercise and eating the right foods. Luckily, pumpkin seeds are great for that! They contain tryptophan, which is essential for producing serotonin, one of the chemicals which regulates our moods.

Although overeating pumpkin seeds is not encouraged, having a small amount of them might actually help you fight off the new season’s blues!


Great health benefit of Pumpkins #4: They’re a great energy source

All done with your workout? When you need a meal to help your body restore itself after some exercise, pumpkins are one of the top choices. These foods are known for containing few calories, no saturated fats, and providing your body with about 550 mg. of potassium, making it a great energy source.

Pumpkins are also great for helping your body balance electrolytes as well as restoring your muscles, so make sure you have some after a demanding physical activity.   


Great health benefit of Pumpkins #3: They protect your eyes and skin

Pumpkins contain many anti-oxidants, some of which can help your body filter and protect itself from UV rays. These components can help you fight off macular degeneration, as well as protecting your skin against wrinkles.

Since it also contains vitamins A, C and E, pumpkins are great for improving your sight, and protecting the mucous membranes of your body.


Great health benefit of Pumpkins #2: They’re great for weight control

Fiber-rich diets are great for weight control, since foods with fiber can help you feel full fast, making you eat less calories. Pumpkins are rich in fiber, and they contain only about 20 to 40 calories, making it a perfect option for controlling your weight during fall.

These fruits are also great for controlling cholesterol, as well as giving your body the amount of vitamins and minerals it needs.


Great health benefit of Pumpkins #1: They can protect you against dangerous diseases

If looking and feeling good doesn’t seem enough for you to start adding pumpkins to your diet, then maybe knowing about their benefits against cancer and heart diseases might change your mind! Since these fruits contain the antioxidant beta-carotene, they’re great for reducing the risk of developing certain types of cancer.

The beta-carotene is also great for preventing coronary heart disease and strengthening your immune system, while pumpkin seeds contain chemicals which can help you reduce bad cholesterol.



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