Makeup tips: contouring and highlighting your face shape

  • Sol Rivero

Ever heard of contouring and highlighting? This extremely popular makeup technique consists in creating shadows and patches of light on your face to give it a more defined look. Want to give it a try? Then here are some makeup tips for contouring and highlighting your face shape like a professional!


Contouring and highlighting oblong and rectangle faces

Persons with an oblong face will notice their face is long, and the forehead, cheekbones and jawline have the same width. To highlight and contour it, you must create a sense of balance by adding a dark shade under the chins and hairline, and a lighter tone under your eyes and on the forehead.

If you have almost all of the other characteristics, but a long chin, then you have a rectangle face. Use the same technique as that of an oblong face, yet add a dark shade to your chin to soften it.


Contouring and highlighting square faces

Like oblong faces, your forehead, cheekbones and jawline have the same width, yet the length and width of your face is the same. To soften the angles, apply a light shade at the top of your cheeks, forehead and at the center of your jawline. Use a darker shade to contour your jaw, the space between the bridge of your nose and your eyes, and your cheekbones.


Contouring and highlighting round faces

People with rounded faces have curved angles on their cheeks and chin, and their faces have the same length and width, making them look very young. To create angles, contour your face with a dark shade on your cheekbones, jawline and around your hairline, and highlight with a light shade on your cheeks, brow bone and nose.


Contouring and highlighting oval faces

If you have curved angles on your cheeks and chin, yet your face is also longed than wider, then you have an oval face. Oval faces have a natural contour, yet you can highlight it using a dark shade on under your cheekbones and upwards, and around your hairline and chin, to create the illusion of proportion. You can use a light shade on your forehead, nose, and under your eyes.


Contouring and highlighting heart faces

Heart-shaped faces are longer than wider, and are known for a wide forehead and narrow jawline. Since this is a very angular type of face, your contouring and highlighting process should focus on softening the more prominent parts. Use a slightly dark shade on your brow bone, the sides of your hairline and around your chin. For the final touch, use a lighter shade under your eyes, the center of your forehead and your chin.



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