Top beauty trends for Fall 2014

  • Sol Rivero

Now that the new season is here, it’s time to consider treating ourselves with a complete makeover that goes beyond the clothes. To help you out, we’ve gathered the top beauty trends for Fall 2014 that were popular during the Fall/Winter 2014 runways.

Discover them!    


Beauty trend for Fall 2014 #5: All natural

One of the biggest trends seen on the Fall/Winter catwalks, and recycled from the Spring/Summer runways, was the toned-down makeup look, with models using little or no makeup, as well as loose, unkempt hair. Opt for neutral shades, peach, pinks and hues similar to that of your skin, and add a healthy glow to your face using the proper bronzer and highlighter.


Beauty trend for Fall 2014 #4: Matching lips

Although statement lipstick wasn’t as popular this season, we did get to see some dashing reds, violets and mauves on the catwalks. However, a look we loved was that of the matching lips and eyes, with makeup artists breaking all the rules and making both of them statement areas.

Combine dark and sultry shades of eye-shadow with a glossy lipstick in the same color, and stand out from the crowd with a bold look.


Beauty trend for Fall 2014 #3: Simplistic nail-art

Nail-art has been incredibly popular during the latest seasons, and a myriad of eye-catching designs with appliqués, textures and multiple colors has been seen frequently at the runways. For fall 2014, the trends point in a different direction. To look chic this season, opt for simplistic nail art, with half-moons, thin French manicure and metallic colors, as the favorites for this fall.   


Beauty trend for Fall 2014 #2: 60’s hair

60’s fashion was back during the Fall/Winter 2014 runways, with cute short dresses, pastel shades and graphic patterns. Hair and makeup couldn’t escape the trend, and for fall 2014, some of the most popular 60’s hairstyles are back. Long, side-swept bangs, high ponytails and buns are amongst the favorites for the new season.

If you prefer something a little more exotic and simple, go with small braids, statement ponytails, or long wavy hair, the other favorites for this fall.  


Beauty trend for Fall 2014 #1: The statement eye

If nails and lips have been the favorites of past seasons, this fall 2014 it’s all about the statement eye. From thick cat eyes, to extravagant colors and dramatic, dark makeup, this season strives to make the eyes the center of attention.

For a dazzling, mysterious look, dare to thicken and define your eyebrows, wear big eyelashes, and put on dark makeup in black or mauve from your upper lids to under the brows.    


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