How to achieve the Natural Makeup look

  • Sol Rivero

As seen in our beauty trends report for this fall, the natural makeup look has been extremely popular in the runways, given the athletic and bohemian spirit of most of the catwalks. This is the perfect look to try if you don’t have much time for getting ready in the morning, or if you like to tone it down for your daily routine.

The natural makeup look is perfect for giving you a healthy glow without using too many products on your face. Forget about dark eyeliners and heavy lipsticks! It’s time to discover how to achieve the natural makeup look for this fall!


Achieving the Natural Makeup look – Step 1: Prepare your skin

Before applying any makeup on your skin, the best thing to do is to get it ready and smooth, since most of it will be exposed. Begin by using a light exfoliator to get rid of impurities, and then moisturizing it with a lotion or gel, depending on your type of skin.

If you’re suffering from acne or have oily or dry skin, make sure you treat its problems before starting with your makeup. You can check out our guide on the best beauty products for your type of skin, and remember to avoid trying to cover zits and imperfections with foundations or powders, since it will give your makeup an unkempt look.


Achieving the Natural Makeup look – Step 2: Match the hues on your skin

After your skin is fresh, smooth and ready for your makeup, you’re all set to begin. To achieve the natural makeup look you should keep in mind that picking the wrong shades will shatter the illusion of a neutral makeup, so you must be extremely careful. Pick a sheer foundation, or products which blend nicely with your skin. Never put on hues that are darker or lighter than your face.

How you apply your makeup is as important as its color. When you use your fingers, you risk giving it an oily finish to your look, so opt for soft brushes instead, and make sure to blend everything carefully on your skin until it looks perfect. Finish it with a light layer of matte or sheer powder to set the foundation and concealer on your skin, but avoid using too much of it, for it will give you an unwanted look.


Achieving the Natural Makeup look – Step 3: Give it a touch of color

Although we’re striving to achieve a very natural makeup look, it’s also important to give you a healthy glow. To attain it, you’ll need to add light touches of color to your cheeks and lips. Opt for very light pinks, corals or browns, and apply them softly on the apples of your cheeks.

You can also opt for wearing a bronzer or an eyeliner in a white or brown shade. It all depends on which areas of your face you want to highlight. However, never use colors which are either too dark or too exotic, such as blue, red, etc.

To finish the look, you can curl your eyelashes and give them a light layer of sheer mascara, or add a bit of shine to your lips with some sheer lip gloss.



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