5 great tricks for improving your concentration

  • Sol Rivero

How many times have you started writing a paper, doing a chore or working in an important project, with your mind scattered and focused on other tasks? Lack of concentration can be bad for your studies, work, and even your mind’s health, which is why training and controlling it is the key for a sharper mind.

Today, we take a look at 5 great tricks for improving your concentration, which might help your brain work more effectively!


Trick for improving your concentration #5: Eat right

To begin improving your concentration, it’s vital to get your body ready for the tasks ahead. If you’re feeling weak and unwell, it’s easier for you to get distracted, something which can be avoided by having a mind-boosting meal. Start by making sure your body is properly hydrated, since lack of water can impair your brain’s ability to focus.

Eat healthy food, and accompany your diet with enough sleep and exercise.


Trick for improving your concentration #4: Give your body a boost

Relying on coffee and special drinks for an energy boost? The problem with most of these products is that their effects last a short amount of time after you stop consuming them. Since having the right levels of energy and receiving stimulation are important for improving your concentration, consider alternative ways of achieving it, such as getting a few minutes of exercise.

If your mind is a little scattered, then stop what you’re doing and opt for a mild physical activity instead. Rousing your body will give your brain something to focus on.


Trick for improving your concentration #3: Take a break

Another way of stimulating your body and mind is to simply stop what you’re doing for a short period of time. Resting is vital for concentration, and by letting your mind take a break, you allow it to concentrate in another less unnerving task so you can relax. Activities such as meditation or breathing exercises are great options.

If you’re feeling stressed, go for a walk and forget about your obligations for a few minutes. Yet, don’t confuse taking a break with getting distracted. Avoid multisensory stimulation, and just have regular rests between periods of work.


Trick for improving your concentration #2: Practice small exercises

Something that can help you improve your concentration is engaging your brain in simple and small tasks, such as counting exercises or small planned movements. Counting backwards by subtracting an odd number, fixing your eyes on an object for a few seconds, training your eyes to work like a camera’s lens, moving your fingers, etc.; are some popular practices which can help you learn how to focus and relax.

Memory games and other stimulating activities can also be beneficial. The key is in training your mind to direct its energy to one activity.     


Trick for improving your concentration #1: Plan ahead

The best way of improving your concentration is by creating a schedule. By limiting the amount of time you use on a particular task, you give your brain a deadline so it can focus on the chore ahead. This also works as a way of organizing your thoughts. For example, if what keeps you distracted is another issue which is unrelated to your task, then scheduling a time for thinking about it might help you clear your mind.

Also, remember to set not only deadlines, but goals to be achieved by successfully finishing the task. This will give your mind motivation and help you concentrate effectively.  



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