What to wear for Thanksgiving 2014

  • Sol Rivero

Thanksgiving is almost upon us! Most of you will be enjoying a nice break with some family and friends, and since the holidays are not an excuse for looking less chic than usual, we’ve gathered a few ideas to help you choose the proper outfit for this celebration.

Whether you’re visiting your family, meeting your sweetheart’s folks, or simply enjoying a nice dinner with your closest friends…here’s a great guide on what to wear for Thanksgiving 2014!


What to wear for going back home on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the perfect time for going back to your parents’ or your closest family members, and enjoying once again the warmth of your first home. To create a great outfit for spending Thanksgiving with your family, it’s important to think about comfort and simplicity, especially if you’ll be hanging around a lot of kids, or you’ll be involved in the preparation of the feast.

For the outfit:

Consider breathable and comfy materials. A short dress, comfy loose trousers and a sweater…minimalism is the key. For accessories, opt for stud earrings or a statement scarf, and avoid wearing too many pieces.    

For the beauty:

Keep your makeup neutral. Avoid extravagant looks, and opt for natural hues instead. For your hair, create an effortless look by letting it fall loosely or braiding it.  



What to wear for meeting your beau’s family on Thanksgiving

Spending Thanksgiving with your partner’s family can be quite intimidating, especially if it’s the first time. You’ll want to impress these people, and dressing shabbily or overdoing it might cause the wrong impression. Begin by considering the type of event: is it a semi-formal dinner or a casual event? In both cases, you’ll want to cause the right impression by keeping your ensemble glamorous and modest.

For the outfit:

Opt for a semi-formal attire and a feminine silhouette: a flowy cocktail dress or an ensemble with a pencil skirt and a nice blouse, will work perfectly. Try to keep the hemline low and avoid showing too much skin. To up the glamorous look, complement your outfit with metallic jewelry or pearls.

For the beauty:

Keep it simple but elegant. Go for a natural look, but add some glamour with black eyeliner or red statement lips. For your hair, opt for a bun or let it fall in waves to frame your face delicately.



What to wear for spending Thanksgiving with friends

Staying home and enjoying the holidays with a group of friends? Great! A casual event allows you to play a little more with your style, while remaining comfortable at the same time. Avoid overdressing, and simply let your fun side shine through.

For the outfit:

For spending Thanksgiving with your friends, opt for comfy clothes. Give it a more personal style by playing with different textures, patterns and colors; and go wild with colorful accessories or statement complements.

For the beauty:

Depending on the look you created, opt for a neutral makeup and a simple hairstyle to complement a minimalistic outfit, or a bold statement for something more elaborate.




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